Tuesday, January 29, 2013

List it Tuesday 1/29: Collections

san pellegrino
All right, let's have 'em! Mine include:

1) San Pellegrino Limonata bottles (this crate is now full. lotta Limonatas!)
2) Travel experiences (I prefer voyages to big ticket material items)
3) Glass pickle jars for storage (family is getting burnt out on them)
4) Arty postcards from arty shops (started when I was 14)
5) Mugs (favorites: New Jersey runs on Dunkin'; No Coffee No Workee)
6) Magazines (too many)
7) Handmade goodies from my artist friends (never enough)
8) Journals (I buy them but don't ever seem to use them)
9) Paper (oh my god, too much paper, and I keep on ordering it)
10) One collection I'd like to start: Dala horses!

Just joining us? Find out more about List it Tuesday here. Next week's suggested topic is: make up your own!


Gallery Juana said...

I love your idea of a crate full of tall bottles with flowers. Gorgeous photo of them too. I'm a paper collecter too (can't believe I forgot about that one!)

Em said...

Oooh, paper1 and dala horses!
Right before I moved, I got rid of my extra notebooks and paper and gave it all away to a school. And it huuuurrrt! lol

And I love the idea of collecting artsy things. so fun. Great list, Aimee. (And I'm there with you on experiences rather than big ticket items.)

Cindy said...

we definitely have a our fair share of collections, but the one i covet the most is 'travel experiences' just like you!

storybeader said...

I thought I'd see a lot of paper in these lists! And another postcard collector! {:-D

Mary Walker Designs said...

Have you heard of listography? I have seen the website but haven't registered yet.

Rita A. said...

Love the photo. I have the paper and journal thing too but I'm making myself write in the journals. My grandson (8) has started collecting pens. I was so happy to tell him I collect them too. Sharing is the best.

Lynn Fisher said...

Love the bottle collection...for some reason, we can only get the green ones. Same here with the journal and magazines...fire hazard.
Will join you all next time!
Lynn Fisher

Anonymous said...

I love the crate full of flowers! I have massive collections of magazines and blank notebooks too. Every time I move I try to get rid of them, but they just build back up again. Take care, and happy Tuesday!

Textile Recycler said...

Great list Aimee! I'm with you on most every one of them :)

Introverted Art said...

this is beautiful.

Nicole : Three By Sea said...

OH! I forgot to add glass bottles/jars to my list...if it's clear and i can easily remove the label, I feel compelled to keep it for future storage or flower arranging. I love this idea of storing them in a crate as a group flower arrangement...looks nicer than strewn under my kitchen sink, in my dish cabinet and out in the garage!

NatashaMay said...

Great list! You collect a lot of things. It seems papers are artist's weak point. :)

soulbrush said...

Great list. You are so interesting. You have been tagged- see my latest post.

Paula Bogdan said...

What a gorgeous shot! I love glass bottles and papers as well.

rrARTz said...

what a beautiful photo! i laughed at the journal one because i seem to have the same problem... : )