Tuesday, January 8, 2013

List it Tuesday 1/8: What's New


Hey, hey! Welcome back to List it Tuesday! Here's your spot to spill what's new in your life for the turn of the annum. Here are a few of mine...

1. This book about books (my to-read list is now in the hundreds)
2. My baby has her first loose tooth
3. Easy to make jotters for passing thoughts
4. Eleven fresh reams of paper
5. I figured out how to do a double crochet stitch
6. A fantastic pair of clodhoppers
7. We finally installed light fixtures in two of the rooms after staring at bare bulbs for eight months
8. Weekly & monthly mileage goal charts for all of us (on foot, not by car)
9. My suitcase now stays permanently out & in the open to remind me to keep on traveling
10. Reading poetry and doing origami every day with the kiddies

Next week's suggested topic: favorite family foods (e.g. dishes passed down through the generations, staple ingredients, weekly meal rituals, ethnic/cultural culinary traditions, that candy bar you must have every time you go to the grocery store, etc...)


Tricia @ Daring Hue said...

Happy New Year! I don't know what it is about lightbulbs. We have a hard time getting around to replacing them too. Good luck with the mileage! A chart makes it sound way more fun.

Lynn Fisher said...

Happy New Year Aimee! Oh the books I would like to read...I have a list if those too...starting with The Round House.
I would love to sit over a cup of tea with you and the girls and make paper cranes! Party on with the new paper..what kind did you get?

The Original Drama Mama said...

Heh-heh, I understand the light bulb thing...you were being green, right? Who needs to see anyway? ;) Happy New year, and yay to celebrating new things, big and small!

moonsweetie said...

Happy New Year! I especially love the bit about your suitcase staying out. What a great motivator to travel!!

storybeader said...

that looks like an interesting book. Love the cover. Hope to see more of your origami - was never too good with that... {:-Deb

Em said...

Oh, thanks for the book recommendation, that looks goooood.

The first loose tooth is so special.

You'll be able to do a great deal with double crochet & wonder how you ever lived without it. (Okay, maydbe not, but you'll love knowing it!)

I just bought suitcases!

Love the poetry & the origami. Very cool. I read poetry most days and it's really a lovely habit to be in.

And since I don't remember saying this for awhile. Thanks for doing List It, Aimee. It's really fun.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE the reminder to travel :)

amy said...

Happy New Year! My middle child *swallowed* his first loose tooth. AND his second. :-( His teacher was very apologetic. The youngest (she's 4) can't wait to have loose teeth, too. She's been telling me they're loose for two years now. Meanwhile the oldest had SIX yanked over the summer, 4 of them adult teeth. Oh, teeth. I could write half a book on my kids and their teeth, and don't even get me started on their views of the tooth fairy...

Mary Walker Designs said...

I found your art mentoined on two blogs today popular chic! http://artistswhoblog.blogspot.com/2013/01/10-smile-tuesday.html and http://www.pointypix.com/2013/01/longing-to-explore.html

Nicole : Three By Sea said...

OK, next week I promise I'm back on board for "List It Tuesday"!! The kiddo's birthday comes just after the first of the year, so my whole New Year, fresh starts always get off to a slow start. And is also why instead of a list, the only new thing I have to share is Project 300, my alternative to traditional 365 Projects.

Here's the link for anyone interested in joining me (because IT'S NOT TOO LATE!!):

(P.S. Have you looked on Amazon at all the origami books?! Holy Folded Paper Inspiration!!)

Gallery Juana said...

joining for the first time.

love the reminder for travelling.
origami sounds like fun.
I watched a cool film a couple of years ago, "between the folds" which covered origami from a mathematical/engineering perspective.

Happy New Year.

Textile Recycler said...

hehe.. I'd like to think that your leaving the suitcase out as a reminder is like me leaving my paints, etc all over the dining room table. You have to do something when it's so in your face! I hope you had great holidays with family and friends..

Andria said...

Hi Aimee...you know what's new for me? I am going to my very first art retreat! And I think you should come, too! I am going to the CREATE Mixed Media Art Retreat in Somerset, NJ, in July, and I know that must be right in your neighborhood. If you go, I hope we will be able to meet up!

happeningsonchaosranch said...

I just recently got that bookshelf book too, so I totally understand your "to read" list. I've been amazed at how few of the books listed, I've actually read yet.