Monday, February 18, 2013

List it Tuesday 2/19: Unorthodox Stencils

fly swatter
1. Said fly swatter
2. Textured placemats
3. Chipboard (carve pattern with an x-acto knife)
4. Paper bags (fold & cut like a snowflake for a stencil pattern)
5. Yarn arranged in random loopings
6. Hole punched or die cut anything (put those paper shapers to use)
7. Lace
8. Old film

Next week: Things you're doing that are really working for you (exercise routine, nightly chocolate snack, carpooling, morning writing, organizational strategies, etc...)


Lynn Fisher said...

Oh thanks Aimee, great ideas! Especially the paper bags...I can put those to use right away!

Sarah said...

The best ones I found recently were in microwave meals. They were quite nice microwave meals with thai curry and leaves on top and rice beneath-beneath a solid piece of black plastic with holes in it which you have to fish out when the meal is heated-I have two of them. Terrible waste to have just thrown them away so they are destined for my printing box. I also have some great plastic doily mats-and in fact paper doilies are good stencils.
I like the randomly dropped yarn idea-will have to try that one with all the ends from my crocheting!

Aranthe said...

Oh, I do like your fly swatter! (Turns out mine was unusable: The company's logo was part of the design.)

I just thought of something I'd really like to have to use as a stencil—old computer punch cards! You can find them, but since they're considered vintage collectibles now, they're ridiculously expensive.

Lynn Fisher said...

Why is that you have the prettiest Bly swatter that I've ever seen : ) ok.... That typed Bly instead of fly. Although I have wanted to swat Robert Bly, that isn't what I meant.
Lynn : )

Andria said...

Wow, your fly swatter is MUCH prettier than mine!

Textile Recycler said...

great list Aimee...

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of your fly swatter! That one is gorgeous. Thanks for this great topic. I had so much fun playing with my "stencils" tonight.

storybeader said...

your fly swatter is so great. I have to check out mine - didn't realize they were so pretty! {:-D

Mary Walker Designs said...

Paper bag snowflakes inspire me to play sloppy painting with the kids

Anairam said...

Wow, I have never thought of using a fly swatter as a stencil! I have used the steel (?) lid of a box of bathing goodies that I was given as a gift. The lid is cut out in swirls and it makes for an interesting stencil.

rachel awes said...

you are everyday brilliant.
+ funny. + overall awesome.
yes to who you are, always.