Tuesday, February 5, 2013

magic words

I Need Art magic word magnet pack

Strong Heart magic word magnet pack

Chocolate Power magic word magnet pack

Need Good Wine magic word magnet pack

Two posts in one day! The reason for this: I finished my magic words ahead of schedule and wanted to share. It's magnetic poetry, Artsyville style -- a collection of words that I've hand lettered, printed, magnetized, and cut into wonky shapes for you to assemble thoughts you never knew you had ;) I've only put four sets in the shop for now to see how they do before I go overboard with these. If they are flops, no harm done -- they will just go on our household dry erase board where we can leave ridiculous messages for each other!

Also, I'm so excited to be part of Jessica Swift's ARTISTS + RENEGADES Interview Series today. Stop by & say hi if you have a chance, and see if you can figure out which statement I made that was a complete whopper!


Ces said...

Wow! You are the most prolific artist I know! Your world is filled with color! every time I use my Fiesta dishes, I remember your work.

Lucy Chen said...

I love your colours, too. And I'm going to visit the linked page and say hi there too.

Mary Walker Designs said...

Too fun I hope they do well

Andria said...

These magnets look so colorful and fun!

Bella Sinclair said...

Magnetized! As if your doodles weren't attractive enough already. :) Hehehe, these are fun words. A few immediately popped out at me, like Nap and Cookie. And Twinkie from your list below!

Oh, I have no doubt whatsoever that you led exciting, adrenaline-pumping lives! You are colorful, through and through.