Friday, March 22, 2013

glue obsessions & goodie boxes

Before I get to the boxes -- whoa! You knocked the scissors out of my hand and the glue all over my table. Thanks so much for making the first Glue it Tuesday a fab one! I think this will work out much better to just have a central, convivial spot each week for glue-obsessed folks to meet each other & share what they're already doing rather than toss another creative challenge into the already overprompted universe. I loved & was so inspired by the variety of styles & methods you all use in your work.

Speaking of obsessions, that brings me to the boxes. Winter has refused to depart so I've responded by hiding in my mess of a living room studio and making goodie boxes. Many of my Etsy orders are sent as gifts, but people have to go to the trouble of cobbling an assortment together from my listings and then asking me to write a gift note, so I thought I'd take it a step further and make the decision an easy, one-click, fun & colorful one. Each goodie box is stuffed with a 5x7 print, magnet, a jotter, set of doodle clips, a handpainted heart, a card that I'll personalize for the recipient, and (of course) chocolate. It's all nestled on a bed of colorful confetti (you should see my living room), wrapped up in bright tissue & ribbon, and decorated with doodled stickers and a cheerful warning to the opener so they'll be on guard for the confetti. I started with The Mama Box since Mother's Day is fast approaching, and just added The Happy Birthday Box, The Coffee Box, and The Breathe Box.














off to PO

You can see all of the goodie boxes here, and more are coming: travel, tea time, teacher, cheer up, you can do it, and so on. Just shipped my first batch of boxes today (thanks to all of you who have already helped scatter the word; I really appreciate it!) and now I'm off to make more. See you Tuesday with glue & scissors!



Mary C. Nasser said...

Awesome goodie boxes!
Going to go to your Etsy store now! :)
Thank you for hosting Glue It Tuesdays!!

Head Krazy said...

Beautiful Aimee! So bright and colourful.

Giggles said...

Oh Aimee these are all so perfect! I often see all your sage posters on facebook they can buy a package to have an hold!! No one puts color together like you!! Love love love it!

Hugs Giggles

rachel awes said...

LOVE your brilliance!

soulbrush said...

WOW I am sitting here with my mouth wide open. You are just so incredible, if I haven't said that before I am saying it right now! Love it all, going to check out etsy right now! WOW, and congrats these are tanfastic!

Anonymous said...

its so awesome here
so darn fun!!!

Bella Sinclair said...

Goodie boxes! Whoaaaa, you are bursting with fantastic ideas and colorful goodness. I love it!!! And man, I love your coat too! :D

storybeader said...

that should cheer up the post office! The coffee box - that looks great! Have to check it out. It's always fun to glue with you! {:-D

Fran Traina said...

the boxes look amazing! you've been busy. All the best,

Kirstin McCulloch said...

Your boxes are just stunning! They are such an amazing gift idea! X

Robin said...

What a wonderful idea - so cheerful! I will be looking to you the next time I need the perfect gift.

Christie said...

So beautiful, Aimee! A perfect reflection of your colourful world. I love how you've taken the time to add so many extra doodles and embellishments.

Cindy said...

your goodie boxes look awesome and your creativity endless!

Stephanie Stroh said...

Your blog and Instagram are so beautiful, colorful and inspiring. FUN! I appreciate what you are doing. Think I'm gonna go for a Breathe Box gift to myself. :-D

Andria said...

Wow, Aimee! This is a brilliant idea! And for such a reasonable price! I will passing the link along to my husband for Mother's Day, to be sure!