Monday, April 8, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 4


Welcome to Week 4 of Glue it Tuesday! If you're just now stopping by and wondering what it's all about: it's not a prompt or a challenge, just a virtual lounge for cut & paste enthusiasts to commingle & share their gluey adventures for the week. Come & join us! You won't find a lower-pressure creative check-in anywhere else.

Mine is one more snippet of a page I did to polish off my inky color & collage lesson which airs next Monday for Life Book 2013. This week I am going full force in about five different directions, which has a curious impact on the mind and body, and the kids are nearly halfway through their spring break even though it is only Monday. Thanks to the school they missed during Sandystorm last fall, the district cheerily axed half their spring break to make up for it.

Next week I should be back to my mindless + mindful gluebooking... but who knows?


Rossie said...

I'd be wanting to wring the necks of the school district so and so's. It is not as if anybody could freely holiday in such terrible weather. Sounds like a few people pontificating from their swivel seats to me!

Cheryl said...

Sorry to hear half your spring break got axed due to Hurricane Sandy. Make the most of it/I know you will!

storybeader said...

bummer missing a full week of vacation! Hope you and the kids are making the most of it... {:-D

Head Krazy said...

Oh how unfair to axe a spring break, it's not like you enjoyed your time during Hurricane Sandy... honestly... they make time of during Sandystorm sound like a vacation :(

Anairam said...

I like cut and paste! I might join you soon. What do I do, just post my pic on a Tuesday and send you a link?

Christine said...

Hellooo, sweet Aimee :-) Your star-comment made me so happy! Thank you so much :-)

Love your Glue it Tuesday, and your colorful posts of joy :-)

So back to school, kids, huh? Bet they are thrilled ;)


Marit said...

I love your colorful picture today, such 'Springy colors' - make me smile! I hope the vacation days - although less - are ones with sun, warmth and laughter!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi Aimee,
NOthing to share this week, but thanks for the invite and may try to join in next week. I love your blog and visit everyday, even I don't always comment.