Monday, April 29, 2013

walk-ins welcome

4 28 gingerbread shop
was what the sign said, so I parked in front of the gingerbread shop, went next door and had a half a foot of hair chopped off;

4 28 french toast
managed one successful sit-down breakfast this week with french toast and everything;

4 28 walk
stopped & gazed periodically at blooms and green things (it seemed at times the winter was never going to end);

4 28 gumdrop sculpture
marveled at her molecular gumdrop structure, then ate it;

4 28 bowl
had one evening that was so lousy that I was required by law to have a double scoop of fudge ripple;

4 28 carlos
managed to squeak by the Cake Boss without stopping for a snack on my evening run (the original is in Hoboken, but we just got our very own location in North Jersey);

4 28 books
arranged my paper-covered/hand-lettered thrifted books with my tissue-covered stones;

4 28 scrap 365
got my copy of this month's scrap 365

4 28 article
(my first publication in a UK magazine!);

4 28 just hanging around
tried not to panic;

4 28 fine day
had one very fine day;

4 28 pretty stones
received the most beautiful handpainted/collaged stones (thank you Laura)!;

4 28 bike
was so tempted to swipe this bike from the ice cream shop and ride away;

4 28 sweets
made treats for goodie boxes;

4 28 jotters
made jotters for goodie boxes;

4 28 goodie boxes
packed goodie boxes;

4 28 not doing enough
summed up my life neatly in two phrases, both usually going through my head at the same time (new print here);

4 28 washi wannabe
and made washi wannabe/sticky strips out of my patterns. (if I have my way, there will be real Artsyville washi tape in the distant crafty future!)

Hope you all had a great weekend -- see you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday!


Rhonda H said...

Wow! I am exhausted just reading what all you did! But oh boy (most of it) sounds like fun!
I *love* the idea of Artsyville washi tape!!

Kimberly S said...

What a fun (and inspirational) post to read, thank you. :)

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

My goodness you've been busy once again! You make it all look so beautiful! xx

lori vliegen said...

it looks like your weekend was divine! and i LOVE your new print and goodie box goodies!! you rock the casbah, artsygirlie! xox

p.s. and i'm especially lovin' this concept of the two-scoop-fudge-ripple thing.....but my motto is: why stop at just two when three is so much more fun? :))

Shawna said...

I'd love to purchase your washi tape. :)
It's a wonderful idea!

Giggles said...

Productive week and life!! You go girl!!

It's all so fabulous...have you got your own font yet? If not you should have!!

Hugs Giggles

iHanna said...

What a productive week, and just one lousy night... ;-)

Fun post too, great summary of a week.

jane said...

omg! the colors- the colors! so gorgeous. loved your swinging monkey the best! :)

rachel awes said...

that is exactly where i would love to get my hair the gingerbread shop!! darling! + i adore how you've covered books with your delicious doodlings! you give such an awesome overall menu for living. i'll take one of each, please.
LOVE aimeeness. xox

Michellem said...

WOW - what a post!! Artysville Washi tape would be da bomb!!
Getting 6" of hair cut is always a big deal - I only get my hair cut every 4-5 months (mostly cause I'm lazy) and every time I do it is always a huge pile of hair on the ground!

Michellem said...

Congrats too on being published in a new magazine - that's always something to be happy about!!

Rossie said...

I love, love, love the gingerbread shop and your washi tape plans.

Andria said...

Oh my gosh, Aimee...there is so much good stuff here. Your daughter hanging from that door frame is adorable!! Your house looks lovely from the peeks we get here. (Especially loving the pillows in the breakfast area!)

Amy Putkonen said...

What delectable eye candy. I found your Glue It Tuesday challenges on Deborah Weber's blog and want to play! I want more art!

Thanks for a lovely read.

Bella Sinclair said...

AAAAAAAAH!!! I just love your life and the way you live it! You are the Queen of Color. I LOVE your breakfast table. And your covered books! And washi wannabe? Hahahaha, how fabulous! You know, I'm reading a book right now on how successful creatives find inspiration. It's filled with shots of their sketchbooks and stuff. But honestly, it is chopped liver compared to your photos and creations. You give me so much inspiration just by coming here. And Awesome! Congrats on the UK publication! Wooohoooo!!!!! xoxoxo

Natasha said...

It is all fabulous, and full of colour and very magical yet real, but "tried not to panic" made me laugh A LOT...I have those children who come up with plans that involve me trying not to panic or thinking about closing my eyes far too often! She is gorgeous.