Thursday, May 30, 2013

where you can stick it

This week might even be more exciting than last! The postal angels have delivered the tape at record speed (already as far away as Sweden) and pictures are rolling in (so to speak) which gave me the idea to start a photo gallery of how (and where) people are using it. Upper left: Cindy (next to An Open Sketchbook's Hello card); upper right: Domestic Scribbles and the start of a birthday party project; lower left: Nicole and her good natured (and adorable) kiddo; lower right: one of Emily Lagore's beautiful mandalas in progress. Feel free to email me your photos if you want to share -- I'd love to see them!

The tape made a guest appearance on One Happy Mama today -- thank you Kristina! It's also now in stock at The Ink Pad in NYC. If you go, tell them Aimee sent you :)

Back tomorrow for Paint Party Friday and again on Saturday for the start of ICAD (Index Card a Day Challenge, hosted by Daisy Yellow). Tracey, who just drew my coffee mug, talked me into it. It's my first year participating and I can't wait! I wonder how long it will be before I fall behind.