Friday, June 28, 2013

a fair crafty warning

Alert thy browser! A lot of crafty stuff happened this week, and I didn't have the energy to weed through all the pics. So I'm going to drag you through all of it, unless you want to back out now and if you do I will understand.

photo 2-11
It all started with thumb books: I have lots of paper scraps left over from trimming my package labels and got the urge to make tiny tiny teeny tiny books out of them -- barely an inch high and wide. Just big enough to hold one staple. I was obsessed and made a bunch. That was Saturday.

photo 3-10
By Sunday I had the thumb books out of my system & took my 10 year old to the train station. We stopped at the farmers market (it finally opened!) and said hello to the squash,

photo 1-5
then made a beeline for Brooklyn

photo 1-4
and the Renegade Craft Fair!

photo 4-5
It was hotter than the devil's breath,

photo 2-4
but with a view like this

photo 3-5
and chairs like these

photo 4-4
nothing was going to stop our crafty crusade.

photo 1-6
We painted flowerpots,

photo 5-4
chalked up t-shirts,

photo 4-3
watched silkscreeners in action,

photo 2-6
and spent so much time in the vintage section that we got sunburned.

photo 5-3
I nearly died over the vintage type!

photo 3-7
vintage ribbon!

photo 4-8
vintage balls!

photo 1-7
Then we wandered through the sidewalk markets of Williamsburg on the way back to the train

photo 3-6
(hi Mommy)

sang the song,

photo 1-11
and returned to our little village in Jersey where I shippety-doo-dahed on Monday,

photo 1-8
frantically packed teacher goodie boxes on Tuesday,

photo 5-6
and delivered the goods in time for the last day of school on Wednesday.

photo 3-9
I came home; breathed; packed up my inks, stamps, papers, stamps & goodie bags (NOTE TO GLUE IT TUESDAY FOLKS: I FORGOT MY GLUE AND SCISSORS); and hopped the train back into Manhattan on Wednesday night;

photo 5-5
Greeted this NYPD flowerpot along the way;

photo 2-9
and taught my Inky Antics class to a group of fabulous, funny, and talented crafters at The Ink Pad in Greenwich Village. This has to be the coolest paper crafting store I've ever set foot in. Even standing in the middle of the store, it is still impossible to understand how they pack so much merchandise in a 300 square foot store -- and they do, beautifully! I was so grateful to have the opportunity to teach there -- and I'll be back in August!

photo 1-12On Thursday I worked on a new poster for my studio (the color is coming)

photo 2-12
passed this little house on the way home from the pool (I don't mind saying that I want it);

and today I gouached it for Paint Party Friday and the last two weeks of Summer of Color (the combos were hot pink/orange and lime green/purple.) the words will fill the pages later, as I'm running low on words today;

photo 5-2
and so we're at the finish line! If you've made it to the end of this post, congrats -- and thank you! You're probably ready to sail away on a magic carpet,

photo 4-6
hop a citibike & ride away,

photo 1-9
or have a beer. (I'm going to!)

Happy weekend!


(linking to Paint Party Friday and Summer of Color).

Monday, June 24, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 15

gluebook 6-25


Back to mindless gluebooking this week for me! Scraps of mags, hand cut letters, my inky papers, bits of tape, snippets of the ULINE catalog, etc. I have a bonus pic for you this week, too. If you are curious about the tape making process, here's a peek-in-progress that came from our factory today. After we approved the print colors and cut lines, they printed the pattern (this is the second production run of Secret Garden) in enormous sheets, then applied the adhesive to the washi paper. Next they'll cut the rolls, wrap them and put our lil' Artsyville sticker on them. Then, within a few months, if the overseas shipping and customs gods are on our side, we will have rolls up to the ceiling of the dining room (not exaggerating).

If anyone new is stopping by, let me explain Glue it Tuesday as I haven't done it in a while: if you used glue in your artwork any time this week, you're good ;) Link along with us. And welcome!

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the stars of your states


New public service printable from Artsyville -- Know the Stars of Your States! Just what your kids wanted for the summer. Grab a few sheets of your most colorful cardstock and go here to download. Share and print away for your own personal & educational use (teachers and schools too!) but please do not alter it or use any part of it for commercial gain. My other public service printables (math facts) are on the sidebar if you really want to stick it to the kiddies during their vacation. See you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday, and I'll also be back later this week with pics from the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday in Brooklyn!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 14

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! I'm late with the check-in, I know. The afternoon at the doctor's office was not inspiring in the least and I got sidetracked with the magnet sale yesterday (which went swimmingly; thank you!) so I cobbled together a collage this morning that at least manages to knock out Glue it Tuesday and ICAD at the same time. If there is a Haiku challenge out there, this will satisfy that too. Can't wait to see what you made this week. Happy Gluesday!

Monday, June 17, 2013

the great 75% off doodle magnet sale

Good Monday morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend/Father's Day. Just a quick check-in to let you know that the great doodle magnet sale is here. It's the first clearance sale in Artsyville - ever! I'm not messing around, either: 75% off doodle magnets! The reason: I've decided to Go Jumbo on my magnets from now on (the new ones will be 4"x5"), so it's time for the current stash of ATC-size magnets to skedaddle. Perfect chance to add some Artsyville love to your fridge or stock up on gifts with hardly a dent in the wallet.

So I could make the price as low as possible, I've pre-assembled them into grab bags of 10 magnets for $12.50, which takes the price down to $1.25 each (regular price was $5.00 each.) These are the good kind of grab bags, where I'll show and tell you exactly what you're getting. Each magnet is individually packaged in a clear sleeve, and the collection is wrapped up in a kraft bag & sealed with a colorful sticker. I listed 26 packs last night, and of this morning, there were 19 left. Plenty of magnetic fun still to be had. Most of the packs include all different designs, but there are a few that have multiples: Grab Bag 23 has all Mama magnets and Grab Bag 8 includes all Writing/Teaching/Reading magnets. Two of the packs (Grab Bag 22 and Grab Bag 25) include the coveted Grouchy Girl magnet, and more than a few collections have a parenting-wine-breathe deeply theme to them.

Hop over to the shop for the sale and I'll see you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday. No idea what I'm going to do yet -- I have to sit in the doctor's office all afternoon so I will haul my glue over there and hope inspiration strikes in the waiting room...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

summer of color


I decided I needed one more creative prompt to fall behind on, so I'm jumping into Kristin's Summer of Color! The colors were turquoise and citron -- how could I resist? I did a quickie journal page of the week's highlights in gouache & ink, though I left myself virtually no space to write anything and by next week I will have forgotten what most of this means.

Working backwards through the week:

6-15 painty saturday
Here's the page in progress along with my desky disaster;

7-15 birthday
We had a birthday! Seven year old in the house;

7-15 rainbow cake
The rainbow cake -- oh, this cake -- it frightened the devil out of me when I took the layers out of the oven. They were brown and lumpy and looked like flying saucers that had gone through a solar flare but a knife and frosting came to the rescue of the alien confection;

6-15 morning walk
A colorful walk to school (two more weeks of this -- we must be the last school system in America to be freed for the summer);

7-15 school and eisenhower
A soggy walk home from school with Eisenhower in tow (Hello Kitty was renamed one day after a history lesson);

I sorted through hundreds of magnets;

6-15 bottles
Had lunch with my husband next to these lovely bottles;

6-15 cutting stickers
And gave my wrist a workout cutting hundreds of stickers while having coffee with my art pals Karen and Beth.

It was a good week.

{tardy to the party at Paint Party Friday & squeaking in at the last minute for the first week of Summer of Color}

Thursday, June 13, 2013

fresh and local


Greetings from the East Coast on a soggy Thursday morning! Hey, Midwest, thanks for the crappy weather! I've served up a new drawing for Fresh and Local just in time for Farmers Market season. This was another redo of one of my original pieces that needed freshening up, so to speak, and I'm very happy with it now. What I'm not happy about is that our Farmers Market does not open until the end of June, which I found out last week when I dragged the kids over to the train station to find an empty parking lot. They were so outraged that I had made them walk all that way for nothing that we were forced to go next door to Carlo's Bakery (the Cake Boss guy) for cupcakes.

Crazy day here... I'm in the middle of a magnetic drama and will explain later... back tomorrow for PPF!


{8x10 Fresh and Local print in the Etsy shop and the Artsyville store}

Monday, June 10, 2013

Glue it Tuesday: Week 13


Already at Week 13 of Glue it Tuesday! This morning I have donuts for you: cake, glazed, sprinkled, munchkins, jelly filled, creme filled, the works!

This week's sticky order of business was finally finishing this long-neglected project: a collaged tote. The pretty patterns came from my stash of Jessica Swift and Valentina Ramos paper scraps. The tote (some sort of vinyl thing) I found in the street last year. Now it's a storage bin :)

Thanks for the cheerful feedback on my painted cork tiles! This really is a great summer project for kids because the tiles are fairly inexpensive, they keep the little ones busy, and they are actually of use when finished. Again, for obvious reasons I suggest ushering the children outside for this one.

Dawn's giveaway for a roll of my Secret Garden tape is open through this week -- she bought one extra to bestow upon another!

Wishing you a great week,

the declaration of you



the declaration of you

Good morning! WAKE UP! {Insert coffee.} If this hasn't crossed your personal growth radar yet, attention! The Declaration of You is moving closer to the shelves every day and it is going to be a fantastic resource for those of you looking to blaze your own paths. It was written by two of my very favorite ladies: creative career coach Michelle Ward and artist-designer Jessica Swift. They were some of my first connections when I dipped my toes into the world of arty blogging, and it has been a delight to watch their dreams and careers take off over these past five years. Trust me, they'll be terrific companions on your journey.

Here's how Michelle & Jess describe the book: "Uncover your purpose in life! Through a series of creative, colorful exercises–questions to get the wheels turning and an encouraging kick in the pants–readers of The Declaration of You will get all the permission they’ve craved to step passionately into their lives, discover how they and their gifts are unique and uncover what they are meant to do! Each chapter begins with a Discovery (explaining what the reader can expect to achieve by the end of the chapter), followed by a series of list-making explorations that leads the reader to creating a Declaration for that chapter. “Make It” sections provide fun and crafty project ideas for applying what the reader is discovering in a tangible way, while ”Own It” sections offers inspiring interviews with successful creatives."

Each week leading up to the book release (July) and for a few weeks after, Michelle and Jess are discussing a different topic covered in the book, ranging from intentions to success to money to trust. This week it's all about "uniquity", their (wonderfully) invented word that tackles your uniqueness, your you-niqueness, your you-ness. What makes you you? What makes you different? They invite us to consider:

* What holds you back from flaunting your uniquity?
* How are you unique from your family, your co-workers, your best friend?
* How do you put your own unique stamp on your life?
* What’s the most unique thing about you?
* What’s your personal declaration around uniquity?

You are totally welcome (invited) (asked) (wanted) to share (unload) (vent) (brainstorm) your thoughts about any of these questions. I would have loved posting on any of the topics, but uniquity is especially a fun one for me, as it was the reason why I started this blog in the first place. I was trying to find my voice, my groove, my style after years in a corporate world where I felt so utterly replaceable that I left with very little sense of distinction or self-value. Getting back into my art and figuring out how to access those things that make my soul sing has been a process more satisfying than I could ever say. The word uniquity wasn't on my vocabulary list back then, but if it had been, I would have used it freely and in full color.

Go here to find out more about this fab book, go here to read all the guest posts and topics covered so far, and go here to attend the Facebook comment party. Before you leave, have some more coffee and please go see these painted cork tiles that I slaved over all weekend long. And come back tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday!

Oh and one more thing... Dawn from Girl Unwinding bought an extra roll of my Secret Garden washi tape so she could hold a giveaway for it -- pop over & say hi to drop your name in the hat! (and thank you Dawn -- that is truly kind of you to do.)

{all photos in this post © Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift}