Monday, June 17, 2013

the great 75% off doodle magnet sale

Good Monday morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend/Father's Day. Just a quick check-in to let you know that the great doodle magnet sale is here. It's the first clearance sale in Artsyville - ever! I'm not messing around, either: 75% off doodle magnets! The reason: I've decided to Go Jumbo on my magnets from now on (the new ones will be 4"x5"), so it's time for the current stash of ATC-size magnets to skedaddle. Perfect chance to add some Artsyville love to your fridge or stock up on gifts with hardly a dent in the wallet.

So I could make the price as low as possible, I've pre-assembled them into grab bags of 10 magnets for $12.50, which takes the price down to $1.25 each (regular price was $5.00 each.) These are the good kind of grab bags, where I'll show and tell you exactly what you're getting. Each magnet is individually packaged in a clear sleeve, and the collection is wrapped up in a kraft bag & sealed with a colorful sticker. I listed 26 packs last night, and of this morning, there were 19 left. Plenty of magnetic fun still to be had. Most of the packs include all different designs, but there are a few that have multiples: Grab Bag 23 has all Mama magnets and Grab Bag 8 includes all Writing/Teaching/Reading magnets. Two of the packs (Grab Bag 22 and Grab Bag 25) include the coveted Grouchy Girl magnet, and more than a few collections have a parenting-wine-breathe deeply theme to them.

Hop over to the shop for the sale and I'll see you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday. No idea what I'm going to do yet -- I have to sit in the doctor's office all afternoon so I will haul my glue over there and hope inspiration strikes in the waiting room...