Tuesday, August 20, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 22

Glue overdo! I was trying to catch up on all the cut & paste I haven't been doing lately, and the result was a poor little mess of a yarn bowl. The tutorials made them look so cute -- but the thing was a bust! It has since flattened & is now in the trash. (my first official Pinterest fail.)

My other escapades this week, though not glue related, have gone much better:

I was drawn to this red door like a child to candy,

& inside I did a bit of antiquing (just peeking).

The sign said Do Not Enter (I did). 

The sign said No Standing (I stood). 

Had friends over one day for art & lunch. One drew, two painted, I chopped paper droplets. 

It was cool enough one morning to toss up the windows, open the doors, take my drawing and coffee outside and have one holy sugar shock of a lemon bar for breakfast.

It was cool enough the next afternoon to pull a repeat with a bottle of wine. (The front porch is my favorite room in the house.)

Finally finished my neurotic blanket! Happily nestled underneath 2 paintings by Carissa.

Lindsay, that genius from Pen & Paint, offered a brilliant solution for organizing washi tape. Use a tension rod, she said. I did, and now my art table has a lovely new undergarment. (most of these tapes are designs by others -- but within a week -- this should be full of mine! :))

Speaking of the tape ship -- I stalked it until the very end! It's official: she is anchored and moored in Port Newark/Elizabeth, New Jersey. Now it just needs to be fished out of customs and shuttled up our way. Estimated delivery date 8/25! 

One last thing: I'm thrilled to be the guest curator this week at Crescendoh! Each day I'll feature links from two artists I love. Yesterday they were Rachel and Teresa; today they are Natalie and Pixie

Happy Glue it Tuesday -- can't wait to see what you made this week!


Ariel said...

Those paper droplets look awesome.Your rooms look so bright and cheerful.

Linda said...

exciting news Aimee!! I'd love to sit on the porch with you-for both the coffee and wine :). Your home looks like it's filled with many bright and happy things like those fun flower petals!

Deborah Weber said...

Oh so many exciting things happening in the Artsyville world. Love takng a peek. Yay you! And I love the map of the approaching washi tape treasure boat. What fun.

Lime Tree said...

I looove this post! So many awesome little events to feel grateful for. Painting/drawing/cutting with friends was my fave! That reminds me that I need to find some artist's peeps around here. :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I can't wait to try that tension rod thing out.....I have the perfect recessed area on the side of my desk.... let's hope the babies don't find it :)

Barb said...

This is just a great post and very different from most sites that I visit. Very interesting and colorful.

Michellem said...

I want to be on your porch with you for breakfast and dinner too!! Your home is as colorful as your amazing work!! How cool is it that you are the guest curator at Crescendoh - love that blog!! Gonna check your links out!

Nic McLean said...

I love how colourful each and every post of your is. Be it your art, your washi tape (hurrah for it nearly being at the end of its journey), your house decor or your gorgeous front porch - even the photos you take of random places and things - it's all just such a colour fest!!