Thursday, August 29, 2013

stack packs

Groovy Doodle mini cards are back in the shop w/a new name: stack packs! These versatile & affordable little guys come in stacks of 20 so all you have to do is reach out & grab one from the pack.  No more scrambling to the store five minutes before a birthday party to buy a card. No more rummaging for backs of receipts when you want to leave a random act of kindness note under someone's windshield or to blast them for a lousy parking job. No more ideas lost in the vapor. No more excuses for not writing excuse notes or thank yous, and no more precious minutes wasted in the hair raising frenzy of the school morning looking for paper so you can put a sweet little note in your kiddo's lunch box. I have you covered. (In lots of designs and colors.)

Happy Hearts

Made By (for handmade goods, Etsy orders, baked yummies)...

Little Lace



Thank You

Dot & Dash


... and Idea (which my kids have already started using and plastering all over the house, mostly to convince me to take them to the movies.)

Seriously... you can use these for just about anything.

Hopefully back tomorrow for Paint Party Friday!

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