Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day Four on the Hop! Music, Pen & Paint, oops & back to the doodle hole

Just finished a new stack pack design (this one is called Make Music) and I'm so excited that Lindsay from Pen and Paint is hosting today's stop on the hop! Go visit her colordoodled world -- you will love it -- and get in line for those adorable little camera/cuppa/cupcake canvases she's famous for creating.  So cute they actually look edible. She paints batches of them at a time and they are always gone in 15 minutes. I snagged two for myself from her shop on a previous round and they went right into the kitchen. She uses the really thick sided canvases so they are petite and substantial at the same time -- and perfect for me, since I never get around to hanging anything up, and these are totally happy to stand on their own. I have them on top of a little spice cabinet. Love her, love her work.

And make sure you stop by Jill's place if you didn't yesterday -- I pulled a fast one on her by handing out just her site address to the other tape hoppers, instead of the direct link to her blog, so the traffic went to the wrong place. Sorry Jill. All fixed now. This is actually good news for you because with fewer entries, your chances for winning just went up. Seriously, please help me make up for my gaffe by swinging by Jill's beautiful blog & and to check out the gorgeous birthday book she made.

I'm in the middle of new tape designs so I am going to crawl back in the doodle hole now. Back tomorrow with Traci! Have a great day!

{Full Artsyville tape hop schedule here}

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