Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day Nine on the Artsyville Tape Hop: A Colorful Journey!

{photos courtesy of Carolyn from A Colorful Journey}

Second to last day of the Artsyville Tape Hop! Carolyn from A Colorful Journey created an adorable and funny fashion design tutorial with my tape. She is quick to mention that no kewpie dolls were harmed in the process. This was a perfect pairing of efforts here because Carolyn has just launched her e-course Transform Your Tape. I had no idea when I asked her to participate in my hop; it was one of those serendipitous things that led us to keep finding out about more things we had in common: from the same state, went to the same university at the same time, etc. If you love tape, she will teach you how to take it to a totally new performance level -- not just washi, but also packing tape and artist's tape (white masking tape). She is so good at demonstrating the step by step process and she is a genius at helping people break through the traditional uses for materials. She also has a new Facebook page for A Colorful Journey if you want to keep up with her tutorials and arty adventures.

Back tomorrow for the last day of the hop with of the hop with Tammy!

The full hop schedule is as follows (please note that some of the giveaways have already closed!)

Monday, September 9:    
Rachel Awes from All I Did Was Listen (closed)

Tuesday, September 10:  
Joanne Sharpe from Whimspirations

Wednesday, September 11:

Thursday, September 12:
Lindsay Hopkins from Pen and Paint (closed)

Friday, September 13:    
Traci Bunkers (closed)

Monday, September 16:  
Lori Vliegen from Elvie Studio (closed)

Tuesday, September 17:  
Raine Boyd from Lime Tree Fruits

Wednesday, September 18:
Samie Harding from Journal Girl

Thursday, September 19:
Carolyn Dube from A Colorful Journey

Friday, September 20:    
Tammy Garcia from Daisy Yellow

(p.s. I'm leaving comments off this week, just so there is no confusion on where to go to enter the giveaways!)