Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glue it Tuesday: 12/10 and an important GIT newsflash

In the spirit of changing things up as I like to do here, just wanted to let you all know that I am going to wind down Glue it Tuesday. Since the year is coming to a close, it seems like a natural time to do it. It has been a fun run, but as you've noticed, I've had a hard time getting my posts running on time. I'm a lousy hostess when it comes to predictability and punctuality (every ounce of that in me goes to managing my kids' schedules and getting my orders out the door on time.) This blog is like my playground; I'm much better about posting spontaneously & at my own whims here. I will continue to glue with fervor but it might be on a Sunday. Or Friday. The contrarian in me rules this space, it seems.

As the holidays are chomping down quickly on us, we'll make the last post for Glue it Tuesday next week, 12/17. Above are the Kaleidoscope Candles I made a few years ago from tissue paper and novena candles, and I've decided I am going to do the same thing for teacher gifts, but this time I'm going to pull an IKEA hack and use the Tindra candles -- they are short, cute, smell fantastic and only cost $2 each! If all goes according to plan, that is what I will post next week!

See you next Tuesday for the close, I hope -- and THANK YOU for joining in my gluey club this year.  It's been fun! 


Linda said...

Well dear Aimee-it's been fun linking up and meeting new artists thru your challenge! Thank you for hosting. I can imagine it must be difficult at times to juggle so many things. Love your tissue paper candles which are happy and vibrant as is all your art!Hugs!

Sue Marrazzo said...

So CUTE!!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

I've enjoyed playing along when I could. Thank you so much for hosting it this year.

Anonymous said...

I find the minute I have to comply to a time line I balk, too. When I am expected to to or act a certain way, well you can bet I won't. So I get it for sure.
I love those candles, though. What a great look!!

Robert Gomez said...
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