Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Glue it Tuesday 12/17 + kaleidoscope shimmer candles

As promised, here is the final installment of Glue it Tuesday! I tackled the first of many kaleidoscope shimmer candles for teacher gifts this year. Very easy & fun.

You'll need:
IKEA Tindra Candles (yummy scents & only $1.99 each)
A package of tissue paper in assorted colors
Mod Podge
Glamour Dust or pearlizing medium (you can also use Mod Podge with glitter)
A small plastic plate or tray for mixing the Mod Podge concoction
Foam brush
Magazine pages to protect your work surface

What to do:
1) Pick your color combinations. My favorite palettes are:

orange + red + pink + yellow (or any combo within that palette)
blue + green
green + yellow
blue + pink + purple
pink + purple
blue + purple
and so on...

Color combos that don't go so well together: red/green, orange/blue, purple/yellow and so on. Tissue paper is very thin, so you want to stick with colors that won't look like mud when the pieces are layered. I also recommend coordinating the candle color with your tissue paper palette (or choosing white which will go with everything).

2) Cut the sheets of tissue paper into 1"-2" squares, rectangles, rhomboids, trapezoids, isosceles triangles, or whatever geometric shapes feed your needs.

3) Put some Mod Podge on the plastic tray and mix it with a small amount of glamour dust or pearlizing medium. In the past I've used the Glimmer Dust for Kaleidoscope candles, but it flies everywhere, and so I switched to the pearlizing medium, which makes much less of a mess. You can skip this step if you don't want the shimmery finish -- it looks just as good without it.

4) Brush a thin layer of Mod Podge on the surface of the glass candle, add a tissue paper shape to the surface, then brush another layer of Mod Podge on top of it, smoothing out wrinkles and bubbles as you go along. Repeat all the way around the outside of the candle until you have 2-3 layers of tissue paper covering the surface. If you overlap the shapes slightly, it will give the candle a pretty stained glass & kaleidoscope type look.

For best results, let the Mod Podge dry a bit in between layers, as tissue paper is very thin and rips easily when wet. Once the candle is dry, and especially when it is lit, this little candle will blaze with color and sparkle. The more the candle burns down, the more brightly the color will shine. If you don't live near an IKEA, obviously you can use any glass candle for this project. I love Novena candles, the tall glass altar candles -- which are often available at Target or Wal-Mart (and sometimes even in grocery stores) for about $2-$3 each.

If you stuck it out (ha!) to the end with me here for Glue it Tuesday, thanks! And since we'll never stop gluing, we'll still see each others' crafty projects on our blogs and elsewhere, so it really isn't goodbye. 


Anonymous said...

Is this really the last GIT??? It feels so sad somehow, but I can understand you very well. I am also struggling all the time to get theses million things done.
But as you say, it is no good buy.
Have a nice relaxing x-mas time Aimee and thank you for all the effort you put into this project!!

Linda said...

thanks so very much for hosting and supplying us with a huge dose of happy vibrant color each week! Of course I'll be seeing you around :) Love your tissue paper candles!

Diane Baker-Williams said...

I enjoyed sharing my Glue it Tuesday projects and reading about everyone else's. thank you so much for hosting this.

storybeader said...

great use of tissue paper! {:-D

Andria said...

Your shimmer candles looks lovely...perfect teacher gifts! I'm afraid I fell of the face of the Glue It Tuesday earth, and will miss it...glue remains my very favorite art supply! Looking forward to what you will dream up next, Aimee!

Adam modulez said...

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deniz feneri/ lighthouse said...

I joined the Glue it Tuesday from time to time.Thank you for hosting this so long.I will be com┼čng back to follow your creative adventures.Happy new year...

Christine said...

Happy New Year, Aimee! May your 2014 shine! :-) I can't wait to follow you're up to's - both here and on Insta.

xoxo, Christine

Debashree Chakma said...

Happy New Year.Really nice article.

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Michellem said...

Hey - It is February and I miss your posts!