Tuesday, January 29, 2013

List it Tuesday 1/29: Collections

san pellegrino
All right, let's have 'em! Mine include:

1) San Pellegrino Limonata bottles (this crate is now full. lotta Limonatas!)
2) Travel experiences (I prefer voyages to big ticket material items)
3) Glass pickle jars for storage (family is getting burnt out on them)
4) Arty postcards from arty shops (started when I was 14)
5) Mugs (favorites: New Jersey runs on Dunkin'; No Coffee No Workee)
6) Magazines (too many)
7) Handmade goodies from my artist friends (never enough)
8) Journals (I buy them but don't ever seem to use them)
9) Paper (oh my god, too much paper, and I keep on ordering it)
10) One collection I'd like to start: Dala horses!

Just joining us? Find out more about List it Tuesday here. Next week's suggested topic is: make up your own!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

i heart art

wrapping orders

Happy Saturday! Just popping in to mention that Artsyville took a quick trip over to the world of Pen & Paint this week for Lindsay's I Heart Art feature. There's a Q&A with me about how/why I started creating, my most sentimental pieces, and there is even a shop bribe for you: 20% off all things Artsyville with the code IHeartArt. It was set to expire Friday, but since I'm late posting here, I'll leave its validity intact until Sunday. If you haven't met Lindsay yet, go & spend some time there! Her world is full o' color and delicious paper goods and slices of life. My slice of life this morning includes ANOTHER FREEZING DAY in the Northeast, my daily trip to the PO, celebrating my baby's first lost tooth, shopping for a birthday party and hoping that someone will lend me 20 or 30 extra degrees until this unacceptable weather moves on to bother another region.

Monday, January 21, 2013

List it Tuesday 1/21: Room Changes

painty piece

Today's topic? Quick, easy design changes that you could make to each room in your house for an instant lift. Bonus points if you do them. Here are a few of mine:

1. Mud room: move the 12 reams of paper out of the way (not done)
2. Kitchen: hang Joss's and Ana's paintings in the breakfast nook (done)
3. Hallway: paint the decorative piece that has been propped up against the wall since last April (in progress above! please encourage me to finish)
4. Bathroom: clean it (done)
5. Guest room: put all the leftover stuff from the second floor to make it seem more full, then close the door (done)
6. Get funky knobs for the nightstands (done)
7. Front entryway: hang thrifted folk art painting (thinking about it)
8. Upstairs hallway: something cheery to distract me from the cold, drafty windows (painted metal heart hooks and strings of bright stuffed elephants from World Market did the trick!)

Next week's suggested topic: things you collect. See you next time! Also, don't miss my previous post for the content of my last 21 Secrets workshop Get Lost -- now that the class is over, I'm offering the list of journal prompts for free. Enjoy! xo

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Get Lost

The title may be a bit off-putting, but please! Don't leave. I am not banishing you from the Artsyville town limits. Au contraire. Grab a journal, come in & stay for a bit. Now that the 2012 session of 21 Secrets has been closed, I'm posting my Get Lost workshop here on Artsyville free of charge (for personal use only, please.) It's a loosey goosey collection of 21 journaling exercises (detours), posted below, that you can take in any order or combination to help you define your comfort zone or take you out of it. Stray a little or stray a lot. Use any journal or technique you want. Have fun! Get-Lost-Cover






(And now you can Get Lost!)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

List it Tuesday 1/15: Culinary Traditions

candy bars

Culinary traditions! I love reading about the evolution of the foodie ways of others. I come from a line of non-cooks, so my contributions are limited.

1. When I had to submit a family recipe for my 4th grade Girl Scout Cookbook, my mother and I went to the Betty Crocker Cookbook and chose at random the Loaf Pound Cake.

2. Coffee. This started in Spain when I was 23. Everyone was drinking coffee, so I did too, and gave it a punch of mocha by mixing Cola Cao (kind of like Ovaltine) with it.

3. My favorite cookbook is The Book of Jewish Food by Claudia Roden. It's wonderful not only for the recipes (we've made the challah so many times the page is hardly legible) but also because it is a history book -- full of anecdotes, research and tidbits about how regional cultures shape what people eat.

4. My Aunt Patty's sugar cookies were the best. She would send tins of them every year. They were puffy and only lightly sweetened, almost like smooth scones. She happily handed out the recipe, but no one could ever make them like she did, so I think she kept some ingredients to herself.

5. Neither of my grandmothers thought much of the kitchen. Mom's mom made only three things (all fabulous): cheeseburgers, toast and fudge, maybe once a year, when the whim hit her. I still haven't seen Dad's Mom cook, but we have a good track record of dining out together.

6. Nutella is a staple item around here, as are hearty soups in the winter.

7. When meal planning fails us, we toss all the leftovers in the fridge on top of tortilla chips, turn it up to 350 and have Nacho Night.

8. Something yummy is wafting from the kitchen (thankfully my husband is a great cook), so I'm signing off.

Suggested topic for next week: one quick & easy design change you could make in each room of your house/condo/apt (e.g. moving a piece of furniture, switching rugs, shoving stacks of paper out of sight) to give it a visual lift. Extra credit if you actually do it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

List it Tuesday 1/8: What's New


Hey, hey! Welcome back to List it Tuesday! Here's your spot to spill what's new in your life for the turn of the annum. Here are a few of mine...

1. This book about books (my to-read list is now in the hundreds)
2. My baby has her first loose tooth
3. Easy to make jotters for passing thoughts
4. Eleven fresh reams of paper
5. I figured out how to do a double crochet stitch
6. A fantastic pair of clodhoppers
7. We finally installed light fixtures in two of the rooms after staring at bare bulbs for eight months
8. Weekly & monthly mileage goal charts for all of us (on foot, not by car)
9. My suitcase now stays permanently out & in the open to remind me to keep on traveling
10. Reading poetry and doing origami every day with the kiddies

Next week's suggested topic: favorite family foods (e.g. dishes passed down through the generations, staple ingredients, weekly meal rituals, ethnic/cultural culinary traditions, that candy bar you must have every time you go to the grocery store, etc...)

Friday, January 4, 2013

the quirk


Just something to consider while making those New Year's resolutions! Surely there must be at least a few quirks that you can work to your advantage instead of wasting all that time trying to fix them...

(open invitation to share;))