Monday, April 29, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 7


Welcome back to the Glue it Tuesday lounge! (Thank you Rinda for that great term -- I'm imagining us all sitting around with adhesives and scissors, snipping away and laughing at who knows what.) The Pier 1 and Anthropologie catalogs came flying through the door yesterday (our mail comes in through a slot on the door, which is right next to the living room-studio, and it scares the devil out of me every day when it comes sailing in) just in time to do a quick teardrop chop & plop in the gluebook. Pier 1 gave me some decent snippets, but Anthropologie is becoming regrettably less cuttable by the issue. It used to be so packed full of color and pattern, and it seems to be all about gauzy air and vacant expressions.

Thanks for your thoughts in my last post about my wannabe washi -- I really wasn't kidding when I mentioned wanting to design real Artsyville washi tape. It's actually in the beginning stages now (!) Washi tape is something I've wanted to do for a long time -- I love the stuff so much that I can't think of much that would make me happier than having a collection with my own designs on it, and that is why I've been going gangbusters with the pattern repeats. It will not be an easy or immediate process, so it may be a long time even to get a sample -- and if the quality is good enough to move forward, it will have to be produced in baby steps, one design at a time. I'll keep you guys posted along the way, and try not to put on the caps lock too much if we manage to get a roll of Artsyville washi tape into production! ;)

walk-ins welcome

4 28 gingerbread shop
was what the sign said, so I parked in front of the gingerbread shop, went next door and had a half a foot of hair chopped off;

4 28 french toast
managed one successful sit-down breakfast this week with french toast and everything;

4 28 walk
stopped & gazed periodically at blooms and green things (it seemed at times the winter was never going to end);

4 28 gumdrop sculpture
marveled at her molecular gumdrop structure, then ate it;

4 28 bowl
had one evening that was so lousy that I was required by law to have a double scoop of fudge ripple;

4 28 carlos
managed to squeak by the Cake Boss without stopping for a snack on my evening run (the original is in Hoboken, but we just got our very own location in North Jersey);

4 28 books
arranged my paper-covered/hand-lettered thrifted books with my tissue-covered stones;

4 28 scrap 365
got my copy of this month's scrap 365

4 28 article
(my first publication in a UK magazine!);

4 28 just hanging around
tried not to panic;

4 28 fine day
had one very fine day;

4 28 pretty stones
received the most beautiful handpainted/collaged stones (thank you Laura)!;

4 28 bike
was so tempted to swipe this bike from the ice cream shop and ride away;

4 28 sweets
made treats for goodie boxes;

4 28 jotters
made jotters for goodie boxes;

4 28 goodie boxes
packed goodie boxes;

4 28 not doing enough
summed up my life neatly in two phrases, both usually going through my head at the same time (new print here);

4 28 washi wannabe
and made washi wannabe/sticky strips out of my patterns. (if I have my way, there will be real Artsyville washi tape in the distant crafty future!)

Hope you all had a great weekend -- see you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

framed in artsyville


Hi all! Just doing a shoppy pop-in to let you know that I'm now matting & framing my prints! I've been doing this for shows & my own walls for years, and I'm finally getting around to offering the service in the shop, should you find yourself in need of a doodle print that is totally wall-ready or gift-ready. 5x7s (matted in an 8x10 frame) are $30, and 8x10s (matted in a 11x14 frame) are $44. I love these frames -- they are simple yet elegant, with a narrow black edge and front loading glass. I have two listed (the mama print and the sea print), and I can set up a special order for any other print -- just convo me on Etsy or send me an e-mail at Back to regular programming tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 6


Back to the gluebook -- with my own patterns this time! I finally figured it out, thanks to Mel, & now I'm a pattern-making fool. Her instructions are so clear and direct that I got my pattern right on the first try. Thanks, Mel!

Can't wait to see what you glued this week. If you're just joining us -- welcome!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

this week in the ville

saturday paint
I did some painty bubbles with Jenipher, Lisa, Karen, and Beth (the adults painted inside while the kids played zombie apocalypse outside);

saturday sun in my eyesMade her pose for a picture even though the sunlight was vexing her eyes;

saturday cafe
Ran past the sweet little mediterranean cafe;

saturday u saveSaw this abandoned gas station & thought it would make an awesome art studio for someone;

saturday victorian
Drove by this house and suddenly knew what the next paint scheme for our house exterior will be;

saturday birthday cards
Put together a birthday gift 20 minutes before the party started;

saturday cloudyMade it through another cloudy Jersey day;

saturday yoga matUsed my yoga mat for a laundry basket;

saturday confettiHad so much of a confetti surplus from the goodie boxes that I stuck a bunch in the shop;

saturday dresserFound a brand new dresser on the side of the road (minus a knob) with a free sign and hauled it home with the family where my husband fixed the botched assembly job;

saturday patterns
and finally figured out how to make a repeat pattern!

HPPFOS (Happy Paint Party Friday on Sunday)!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

life with the little ones


New parenting doodle in the shop! I adapted this from the black & white version I did for my doodle book The Things We Do. Gave it some color, changed it around a bit, and here we have a totally incomplete snapshot of the cyclical, never-ending frenzy of life with little ones. It was great timing on the finish, as I had an unpleasant mess of glue and orange nail polish waiting for me after I printed it. As for yesterday's doodle pattern trauma, good news. I figured out the repeats (!!!!) Thanks everyone for the encouragement. More on that next week -- and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with something painty for Paint Party Friday...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

messy mind / desky disaster / workdesk wednesday

desky disaster

Here's my current desky disaster -- at least eight projects erupted at once on the table yesterday (I think there's still a table here) and there are more in the hopper (more ideas always arrive in droves when there is nowhere to put them). My mind is equally messy today trying to figure out how to create digital repeat patterns. It is pushing me out of my comfort zone and I am terrible at following directions, but I am resolute on figuring this out so for now I must suffer (and so must my poor family as they always do when I am on a learning curve). Please, I need encouragement. I'm motivated by both coddling and tough love. For example:

"You can do it, Aimee"
"Baby steps"
"It's really not that hard"
"I don't even know what you're talking about"
"Such whining and kvetching"
"You've got this"
"Just keep Googling"
"Focus focus focus"
"Just think how marvelous you'll feel once you've figured it out"
"Quit crying in your coffee and do it"


Also, if you have a jumbo trash can to dispose of the desky disaster in the background, I'll take that too.

(I'm kind of needy today.)

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Monday, April 15, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 5

layered teardrops

This is a cut & paste piece that I've been working on for over a year -- I can't manage to finish it, but I can't manage to give up on it, either. The primary collage material: grocery bags. I retrieved maybe twenty of them from the recycling bin, chopped them up, smoothed the sheets flat, painted random patterns with gouache, and hand cut them into teardrop shapes more or less the same size. I love working with gouache on kraft because it is thick enough to cover the paper without sacrificing that great toothiness that kraft paper has to offer, and it leaves a lovely matte finish (I'm not big on shine). Since then I've been layering the paper teardrops ever so slowly, row after row, on a 16x20 piece of watercolor paper, with the good old favorite UHU stick. I love sorting through the paper drops, deciding what color comes next, trying to make the rows line up without actually measuring. I took this progress shot a few months ago, but it's the clearest closeup I can get, so that's the one I'm showing (because once you've seen one row, you've seen them all).

In the background of course, is my other favorite adhesive. Washi tape wholeheartedly counts for Glue it Tuesday, should any happen to sneak into your pages...

adieu to the full moons


Happy Monday, all! As we're already chugging speedily through April, it's time to say goodbye to my Follow the Full Moons of 2013 chart, and I'm throwing one last party before it goes. 50% off the moon chart through this Friday! I won't print any more after the doodle deal is over, so now is the time to grab one if you want to follow your lunar (in my case, loony) moods for the rest of the year.

See you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday!

Friday, April 12, 2013

paint party in the carriage house

carriage house

We've lived here for nearly a year and only yesterday did I fully stick a foot in the carriage house. The main house is nearly 150 years old, so this structure has to be getting up there. (Our old house in Kansas had a carriage house, too, which eventually toppled, monolithic, into the neighbors' fence.) This one isn't in much better shape, but it is still standing, and it had some (considerably newer) spare lumber inside. I wanted it and I took it.

paint time
Truth told, the carriage house itself was too dank and dark for a paint party, so we took it to the patio and proceeded from there.

paint dusting

It got rowdy very quickly and even the patio itself got a bit of a paint dusting. This won't be any elaborate portrait (I couldn't do one even if I wanted to) but just a pretty textured panel that I can use for backdrops in my photographs. I plan to make a series of these so I won't have to repaint the walls every day to suit my needs and whims.

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

magic word explosion







I managed to corral some of my magic word magnets into packs & sent 'em off to the shop! Some are already on their way to new homes, but there are a few packs left. We have such a wordy ruckus around here with these things ;)

Happy colorful Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

stolen dining table/workdesk wednesday

woyww table

woyww inks


woyww magic words

I got tired of hunching over the floor to make things, so my husband and I stole the dining room table and relocated it to the studio. Perfect! Now I can stick my hands in even more projects. I wasted no time pulling out my inks for collage papers, and today I'm covering every square inch of the thieved surface with magic word magnets. And finally... the doors and windows are open after the most annoying winter ever. Never have I been so grateful for that first sneeze from spring allergies. Yay spring!

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