Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Magic Word Magnet Sale

I just went on a major Magic Word Magnet making binge, so it's time for a sale: 30% off all magic word magnet packs! It's a quickie. Today and tomorrow only they will be $8.75 each, and on Friday they'll go back up to $12.50. Each pack has 25-30 randomly chosen words (not so random, really; I cobbled together each assortment carefully) and in each listing you'll find a little teaser with a few of the words in each collection. Also, in each pack, there will be a little extra surprise, like a Cracker Jack box. Might be a set of stickers, might be a coupon, might be a...'ll just have to open it and find out. I created a load of fresh words for this round and the Magic Word vocabulary is getting much larger, so there aren't many duplicates across the packs if you want to stock up on multiples. And I'd love to see any creations you make with yours! Any questions, just give me a holler via convo or at aimee (at) artsyville (dot) com! Thanks!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Glue it Tuesday: Week 19

Happy Glue it Tuesday! I'm back to my caffeinated mini journals this week -- collaged books made with coffee sleeves! I love making these little guys, but it does turn me into a bit of a thief. (Local coffee spots: if you don't want me swiping sleeves from your fixins' bar, either open up your garbage cans so I can pluck them freely from the trashed cups, or let me follow your customers around the shop & hound them for their used ones. I'm teaching this little upcycled project as part of my Get Krafty class at The Ink Pad in New York City on August 14. Come & play with us!

Glue it Tuesday is taking a break next week -- I'm going to nibble at the mountain air for a few days. See you on August 6!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glue it Tuesday: Week 18

My girls and I had the arty time of our lives last week at Brave Girls Art Camp! We glued, painted, yoga-ed, sculpted, wrote, doodled, collected, typed, and daydreamed for four days in Ruth's beautiful studio (and in a few brave moments we not-so-surreptitiously left a few large Keith Haring-inspired body paintings all over town.) These kids produced an insane amount of art; these pictures don't even begin to cover it! I led a few of the doodle activities, but the others did the bulk of the teaching -- Amy organized & led the art projects, Maya taught the writing exercises, and Ruth started & ended each day with yoga. I can't even tell you how much my kids loved it without putting the keyboard on turbo. We will miss the next session but can't wait until the after school classes start in the fall!

I finished a new public service printable yesterday -- The All Purpose Weekly Planner -- go here for the download link!

Can't wait to see what you've glued this week -- and if you're new this week, welcome!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

the all-purpose weekly planner

Time for another public service printable! This one is for kiddies and adults alike: The All-Purpose Weekly Planner. Plan your meals, art time, rest time, reading time, summertime activities, workouts, meetings, or jumble it all together. Whatever you want. At first I was going to create an All-Purpose Planner Pad to put in the shop, but decided against it; I'd be a dirty dog of a hypocrite charging you for an organizational tool when I can't even get my own house whipped into shape. So let's get organized together. Even if it's just scheduling nap time. You can download the printable here and see the list of my other public service printables here. Grab a stack of colorful paper and get going! (P.S. Print and share away as much as you want, but please don't sell or alter the printables digitally in any way.)

See you on Glue it Tuesday -- I will be back with pictures from our whirlwind week of Brave Girls Art Camp. And don't forget to sign up for The Doodle News if you haven't already -- I'm sending out another newsletter this week!

Monday, July 8, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 17

photo 1-14

photo 2-13

Can't believe we've reached week 17 of Glue it Tuesday without me skipping a week or spontaneously canceling it! I finally finished my collages from the sheets I painted last week, and they are now off to The Ink Pad in NYC as samples for the Get Krafty class I'm teaching on August 14. It is a crazy busy week here -- I am teaching at Brave Girls Art Camp, trying to stay on top of the studio mess, keeping tabs on my ungodly amount of washi tape that is sitting somewhere in China awaiting consolidation, sharpening up my selling chops to go out there & tackle the wholesale market, educating my kids in 80s music, & doing some serious and focused lounging at the pool. (Speaking of summertime at the pool, I love it so much that I made a doodle of it.)

Wishing you a great week! And if you're just joining us, welcome!

Monday, July 1, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 16


I seem to have settled into a comfortable posting routine of glue on Tuesday and paint on Friday, with all the other crafty bits & bobs sandwiched in between wherever they may fall. This week I have to switch my glue and paint, though, because I'm working on a collage project that required an all-day painting bonanza (see mess above) and still is not dry (thank you humidity), so it will have to be tomorrow or Thursday before I can get to the cut & paste part. Hopefully by Friday I'll be able to show the final finished pieces (they're samples for a class I'm teaching next month.)

Thanks to the surprising number of you who stuck it out in the last post all the way through to the magic carpets and beer! If you're really taken with miniature books like I was when I went on my thumb book binge, you'll be fascinated by this article my friend Sarah wrote (she's an archivist) on a 1896 printing of A Letter from Galileo to Madame Christina di Lorena (original published in 1636) that measures just under one inch. I've never seen movable type so tiny!

As always, thanks for joining us -- and if you are new this week, welcome! We have only one rule and that is: if it's glued, it goes. Unless you paint, like I do. So you see you can post pretty much anything here and get away with it.