Thursday, August 29, 2013

stack packs

Groovy Doodle mini cards are back in the shop w/a new name: stack packs! These versatile & affordable little guys come in stacks of 20 so all you have to do is reach out & grab one from the pack.  No more scrambling to the store five minutes before a birthday party to buy a card. No more rummaging for backs of receipts when you want to leave a random act of kindness note under someone's windshield or to blast them for a lousy parking job. No more ideas lost in the vapor. No more excuses for not writing excuse notes or thank yous, and no more precious minutes wasted in the hair raising frenzy of the school morning looking for paper so you can put a sweet little note in your kiddo's lunch box. I have you covered. (In lots of designs and colors.)

Happy Hearts

Made By (for handmade goods, Etsy orders, baked yummies)...

Little Lace



Thank You

Dot & Dash


... and Idea (which my kids have already started using and plastering all over the house, mostly to convince me to take them to the movies.)

Seriously... you can use these for just about anything.

Hopefully back tomorrow for Paint Party Friday!

{No washi yet}

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Glue it Tuesday: Week 23

Thought I'd open the lounge today for a little adhesive discussion :) What are your faves? Mine are:

Glue Stick: UHU (which I can no longer find at Michaels! what happened?).

Glue Bottle: Can I say it? Good old Elmer's. If only they'd invent a lid that wouldn't freeze open halfway through the bottle.

Decoupage: Me love Golden Gel Medium (Matte -- not a Gloss Girl.) Mod Podge too. There's something about a piece sealed with decoupage glue that makes it seem so... official. (maybe because it cannot be undone.)

Tape (washi aside, of course): Mr. Tapey (the 3M ATG 752) and I have been inseparable for the past eight years. No mess. An absolute must have for paper crafters who do lots of piecework and don't want to deal with buckling and drying. I get the tape from United Manufacturers though I'm sure it can be found elsewhere too! It is very, very thin and super strong and so much cheaper in the long run than buying rolls of double stick tape.

Washi is still in customs hell -- I sit by the window, wistfully, peeking out behind the curtains for the trucker to show up. It is just as well that the stuff hasn't arrived -- in the span of the past two days, the water heater has broken, I pulled a door out of the wall, my daughter's orthodontic-thing (some monstrous device with hinges) went to pieces, one kid jammed up my printer, another rearranged our closets so that my husband had dresses on his side and I had dress shirts on mine (and she carefully folded all of our dirty clothes and put them away with the clean ones), both kids somehow disabled my computer speakers, and I cannot find the top of the food processor.

(Happy Gluesday! :))  

Friday, August 23, 2013

the print pack party sale

Popping in with a quick hello to let you know about my Print Pack Party saleTo keep things tidier both in my shop and in my brain, I'm changing all of my prints to 8x10s -- which means bye bye to the 5x7s!  I've bundled the prints into packs of 8 for $20 (regular price is $8 each; this sale takes them to $2.50 each -- nearly 70% off!) Stock up now & frame them for gifts, or make a colorful checkerboard of Artsyville love on your own wall. They are going faster than I expected but there are still a few packs left -- hop on over! Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

glue it tuesday: week 22

Glue overdo! I was trying to catch up on all the cut & paste I haven't been doing lately, and the result was a poor little mess of a yarn bowl. The tutorials made them look so cute -- but the thing was a bust! It has since flattened & is now in the trash. (my first official Pinterest fail.)

My other escapades this week, though not glue related, have gone much better:

I was drawn to this red door like a child to candy,

& inside I did a bit of antiquing (just peeking).

The sign said Do Not Enter (I did). 

The sign said No Standing (I stood). 

Had friends over one day for art & lunch. One drew, two painted, I chopped paper droplets. 

It was cool enough one morning to toss up the windows, open the doors, take my drawing and coffee outside and have one holy sugar shock of a lemon bar for breakfast.

It was cool enough the next afternoon to pull a repeat with a bottle of wine. (The front porch is my favorite room in the house.)

Finally finished my neurotic blanket! Happily nestled underneath 2 paintings by Carissa.

Lindsay, that genius from Pen & Paint, offered a brilliant solution for organizing washi tape. Use a tension rod, she said. I did, and now my art table has a lovely new undergarment. (most of these tapes are designs by others -- but within a week -- this should be full of mine! :))

Speaking of the tape ship -- I stalked it until the very end! It's official: she is anchored and moored in Port Newark/Elizabeth, New Jersey. Now it just needs to be fished out of customs and shuttled up our way. Estimated delivery date 8/25! 

One last thing: I'm thrilled to be the guest curator this week at Crescendoh! Each day I'll feature links from two artists I love. Yesterday they were Rachel and Teresa; today they are Natalie and Pixie

Happy Glue it Tuesday -- can't wait to see what you made this week!

Friday, August 16, 2013

art is good for you

said the sign at The Ink Pad, so I went inside

and taught my Get Krafty workshop where we caused a colorful ruckus on grocery bags and coffee sleeves...

this week I also braved big box hell strictly for school supplies but struck clearance gold in the girls shoe aisle instead,

started a relettering job on my Up in the Clouds piece (the original I did across two journal pages and there is a big butt crack down the middle),

lost myself in Three Lives & Company bookstore in Greenwich Village (a tiny, warm, homey, a beautifully curated selection, and fantastic conversations from which to collect eavesdroppings),

stalked the Artsyville washi boat (it dropped anchor in the Panama Canal on Tuesday and now it is on the final leg --  a Caribbean cruise),

started a line of city cards (I have lettered about 20 more but still need to warp them into being. If you have any requests or suggestions let me know -- I might add them to the queue!),

and -- was thrilled to be part of the new issue of Sprout magazine! just hit the e-shelves. 60 pages of color, conversation, thoughts, reflections, escapades, joy & whimsy.

HPPF and a special shoutout to Tracey this week, who is dealing with the lost of her lefty (and even sticking a fork in it) with humor and grace.

Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Glue it Tuesday: Week 21

Week 21 of Glue it Tuesday! Today we have jars of Nutella in the Glue it Lounge with spoons, one for each of you. And as you can see I have cheated again. Frequent cheating helps me keep this weekly prompt alive. I picked up a white Uniball pen last weekend and I've just been doing word soup for the last few days on black cardstock, so no glue for me today. Tomorrow will be the big glue day in Artsyville instead -- I'm teaching my Get Krafty class at The Ink Pad and there is still time to sign up if you are in the NYC area. {We'll do a lot, actually -- painting, cutting, gluing, collaging, layering, wiring, & beading to make our mini krafty coffee journals!}

A couple of other things:

> Yesterday I did a backwards roundup of my colorful & crafty escapades this summer -- go here (if you dare -- there's a lot there)

> I'm teaching a real-time art journaling workshop in the new 21 Secrets Live! class. Can't wait!

> The Doodle News(letter)  will be coming out soon with advance notice of this month's doodle deal!

> The Artsyville washi tape boat is almost here!! It set sail from Shanghai in the middle of July and just dropped anchor in the Panama Canal today. 800 pounds of tape! New York bound! (any adhesive prayers you can say on my behalf would be great -- I am trying not to lose sleep over this, but visions of botched production, containers sliding into the sea, Caribbean washi tape pirates, etc.) have been unsettling my dreams.)

Enough babble -- here's the link up! And if you're new this week, welcome!

Monday, August 12, 2013

summertime backwards

My poor blog! I keep starving it for weeks and then overstuffing it with my escapades. No one complained too much the last time I did it, so I'm going to push my luck on photo-overdo once again, and I'm going to drag you backwards through my summer to boot. 

First up: Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio made a huge announcement this morning that 21 Secrets is going live next year! I'm so excited to be part of it! Throughout the year, Connie will host live 90 minute art journaling sessions with past teachers of 21 Secrets via Spreecast -- we will chat and create in real time. I'll show you some of my favorite journaling techniques and materials; you can ask me questions, you can ask Connie questions, I can ask you questions, or we can talk about the moon or sun or whatever you want. And use of margaritas as an art tool has been approved. I love each and every one of the teachers Connie has invited to participate in the series -- it is going to be a fantastic year! Connie is running a pre-sale now and the price will increase later this fall, so if you want to hop on board, now's the time to do it. In the meantime, I must get to work fabricating the illusion of a studio now for the Spreecast backdrop. Or maybe I'll just go to a coffee shop and host it from there! 

Working backwards from that: it's the most wonderful time of the year! I'm raiding the school supplies  section, stocking up & making a crafty mess of it all, and enjoying watching everyone else go back to school while we still have another month to lounge about and sleep in. (My kids didn't get out until June 26. We have earned this.)

Pretty glass beads I found at a little gallery/shop in Tennessee! Can't wait to string them.

The trip to Tennessee was a one-day 740 miler -- I prefer to barrel through when I can, rather than split it up into two days. (Side note: kids have it way too easy on road trips these days). Out of all drives in this country I think I love the transition from the Northeast to the Southeast the most. In less than a day's drive the scene changes so dramatically and totally: the landscape, the accent, the food, the culture, the history... I find it fascinating. And the scenery is stunning the whole way. It flies by.

I spent a lot of time on this deck with my coffee just gazing...


...and watching mountain mist rise from the cup.

May she always garnish her pigtails with Tootsie Pops. 

I got dragged up the Skyline in Gatlinburg, games of mini golf and TWO rounds of go-karting at Cooters.

 Candy apples -- Tennessee style!

We stole a day and dashed over to Asheville, NC. I could live here.

No trip to the South is complete without at least three trips to Mellow Mushroom! I checked the boxes on the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Asheville locations this time.

Ate more than my fair share of Southern breakfasts.  

It was hard to leave.

I've also spent a lot of time this summer pouring out my anxieties into crochet. I made a neurotic bath mat by finger knitting nearly half a mile of cotton yarn and pulling it together with a double crochet. 

Also made neurotic gypsy scrunchies. So easy! Found a great video tutorial here. Now you can do your part to help keep the early 90s alive.

Made my way back to the Hell's Kitchen flea market.

Eye candy and color everywhere.

Bowls too!

And flowers! 

This is one of my favorite spots on the High Line in New York City -- a garden path running from 30th (ish) Street in Chelsea down to 10th (ish) Street in Greenwich Village. It was restored from an old elevated train line and runs along the Hudson. Beautiful graffiti and street art along the way, gorgeous vegetation, wooden lounge chairs for reading & people watching, pop-up art stations for the kiddos, and best of all, no streetlights to obey or taxis threatening to hit you.

Also did my part in puttering around Jersey. I love Hoboken! (One of those phrases I never imagined saying.) 

So much color and life on the streets of Hoboken (and the best view of Manhattan across the water!) I could spend days doing a photocrawl there

and having Earth-sized slices of pizza at Benny Tudino's. 

Really old bike in front of a really old house.

Mommy mommy mommy a toy store Mommy....

And water balloons! Splat.

I think that completes the summer catch up. Now I'm going to make the kids weed the sidewalk & then head off to the pool. If you stuck it out with me, thanks for that, and I'll see you tomorrow for Glue it Tuesday!