Monday, November 17, 2014

double washi on a dreary monday

Just popping in on a dreary, wet, cold, blarghy Monday morning to let you know about the final double washi deal of the year! Buy any Artsyville washi from now through this Saturday (November 22) and I'll double your order at no extra charge (and no extra shipping cost, even international). Good time to stock up for the holidaze!

For those of you who have so kindly written over the past few months, wondering where the hell I am,I am still here! :) I am on Instagram constantly -- it seems to have taken over as my daily blogging platform, because it is so easy and I am so lazy. Plus, I don't get bombed with spam over there. I don't want to let this space go, because it has been such a fun creative playground for me over the years (and I can get away with writing a lot more here) -- I've just got to find a way to make the blog work a little better for me. For starters I'm going to keep the comments off for a while here, but you can easily find me on Facebook and Instagram if you want to jump into the conversation about a particular post, project, or whatever. Happy Monday!