Monday, March 31, 2014

make each cup count

I poured some color into the cup today & started a new doodling project! Last month, one very kind friend sent me a Starbucks gift card -- just because. Instead of mindlessly quaffing away the balance like I usually do, I am going to create a new piece to commemorate each dose of caffeination I get from that card (probably 12 in all). Not all will be coffee related, but this one seemed a fitting piece to kick off the project :) Hereby marking this as doodle number 1 of my #MakeEachCupCount project (and thank you to my friend who knows how much I count on coffee to fuel my creative endeavors).

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

good clean fun

My cut & paste hand soap bottle has a companion! It has held up so well against the elements that I decided to make a dish soap bottle with my collage scraps. For this one I used a Method dish soap bottle -- it is very sturdy, has a great shape, and is easy to cover. The only tricky part was the ridge at the top. Keeping the pieces tiny helped to get around the curve more easily. I sealed it with the magic craft potion (matte Mod Podge) and though I didn't keep track of the coats, it was probably around 6-7 coats. It was an easy crafty quickie and good clean fun!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

moving on

Big day in Artsyville -- I'm clearing out of Etsy! After a year of going bonkers managing my doodle goods in two shops, I've decided to move all of my re-listable items (prints, jumbo magnets, stationery) under one roof so I can redirect my energy into making new stuff! ♥ I’m having a lightning quick sale (just today, March 12 & tomorrow, March 13) to close out the listings. The unimaginatively named code MOVINGSALE will take 50% off my remaining Etsy baggage. After that I'll be tending shop full time at

(I still love Etsy, of course, so I’ll keep the shop handy for my once-in-a-while handmade goodies and for de-stashing sales!)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

magic words for march

It's that time again... Magic Words are back! I've been working like a magnetic devil this week to sort these little guys into their new oddball families. If you already have some on your fridge or scattered around the house, now you can add to your collection & make even more zany phrases. There are twenty-ish packs now up for grabs on EtsyInstead of photographing each pack individually this time, I've listed every single word you'll receive in your pack, so you'll still know exactly what you're getting. With each order I'll enclose a little surprise (just like a Cracker Jack box)!

Also, if you order 4 or more packs, I'll send you one of my handpainted 8.5"x11 Magic Word Magnet Boards (while they last) so you can play around with your words in color! Long story short -- my refrigerator is a magnet snob and won't take the magic words, so I searched high & low trying to find a colorful two-tone board. Couldn't find one, so I created my own, and I made more of these than I can possibly use myself! I've also included a brief tutorial if you want to know how to make one. (Note -- they are a real pain in the rump to make -- but worth the effort!!) 

That's it for this Sunday & the shop talk -- I'll be back in a few days!! Thanks to everyone who has come back to the ville this week! xo Aimee