Monday, November 30, 2015

the artsyville 2015 holiday shop is open!

Time for my semi-annual update here! ;) Artsyville has finally woken up from a six month break (on Etsy, at least!), and it's good to be back! I reopened the shop this morning with a colorfest for the holidays & lots of fresh goodies: prints, pencils, jotters, 2016 moon calendars, magnet pairs, mini magic word tiles, clips and more! Use the code HAPPYCOLORDAYS for 20% off your order today, and be sure to check back as I'll be adding new things & doodle deals throughout December. Wishing you a colorful, magical season! ♥ Aimee

Thursday, June 4, 2015

drop in the bucket

Hi everyone! I'm kicking off this Color Blast with a freebie Artsyville bucket list printable for summertime! (I say this through chattering teeth in the damp & chilly Northeast, wearing a sweater & jeans, drinking coffee out of my grumpy mug, wishing fervently for warmer days.) 

Go here to get the printable, grab a stack of brightly colored 8.5"x11" paper or cardstock, and print away! And if you get really ambitious & fill it up -- you can always print more! 

Tip 1: For papers in happy colors, here are my favorites: Astrobrights (available in most office supply stores), the 50-sheet cardstock packs at Michaels (they come in arrays of gorgeous colors!), and (for a big splurge!) French Paper. I will also issue an Enabling Alert here, as once you start buying colorful papers it is nearly impossible to stop. 

Tip 2: Printers all behave differently, so when printing, make sure to check the option that scales the document to fit. That way the printable won't get cut off on the edges. 

Back very soon with a roundup of my favorite creative summertime challenges! 

Wishing you a colorful day,
♥ Aimee

Thursday, April 9, 2015

the raggy rug not-tutorial

I know, I know, I know, I haven't been here for months. No need to linger over it; sometimes we just need to pick up and move on as if nothing ever happened. (Which clearly has been the case on this blog.) So, pretending that zero time has passed since my last post, today I'm going to share a not-tutorial for a rag rug I just finished. It's a not-tutorial because it is not a tutorial. You don't want step-by-step instructions written by this hand, believe me. My crochet method is very *ish*, if you know what I mean -- lots of guesswork and eyeballing. Not much pattern action and even less counting or measuring. But I enjoy crocheting so much that if it ignites anyone's fire to pick up the hook & go at it themselves, then I've done my job. So here are the basics, at least, and I hope your expectations have been properly managed from the beginning.

1) Making the yarn: Gather as many worn out or thrifted duds as you can manage. It takes a lot! I use all knits since they are soft and stretchy, but cotton works fine too and I'm sure other kinds will be able to fit the bill. Cut out the seams, weird angles, etc. and get as many fabric strips out of them as you can -- about 3/4" wide. Length can vary. You can sew the strips together, tie them together, or use the slit & join method like I do. Up above you can see kinda how I do this. I cut tiny slits about 1/2" from both ends of two strips and then loop them together to form a knot. (I found a great tutorial on the NobleKnits blog that does a great job showing & explaining this process). Repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat. Wind into big balls. Repeat, repeat, repeat even more until you have enough to make a rug, or until you get so fed up with the tedious process that you shove it all into a closet like I did, and then discover it two years later when you've regained your patience.

2) Rug: Use a jumbo crochet hook (size Q). Now it gets fun. Near instant gratification. The yarn works up super quickly and delivers the reward you thought would never come while you were making those big balls. Though, be forewarned -- I will say that crocheting with a hook this size can be really brutal on the hands. Don't feel badly if you have to take breaks. For a doormat or bathmat size (like I'm making here), make your foundation around 35-40 chains long, do 12 to 15 rows of double crochet (eyeball it & stop when you're happy), then do a single crochet around the edge to finish the piece.

You can also go here to see the magic carpet I made a few years ago (with a few more helpful links). 

If you have questions beyond what I've got here, I'll try to answer, but more than likely you will have to rely on your own good resourcefulness (read: Google) to get to the finish line. At least this will get you started!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

one more day

Good {freezing} morning from Artsyville! I'm leaving the code COLORTHENEWYEAR active one more day -- I guess my brain was also frozen yesterday because I didn't even bother to check to see if the code was still active. So for half the day it wasn't. Ha! It is now fixed, thawed, & ready for action through today, January 8!  Aimee

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

color the new year

Kick off the New Year with a bit of Artsyville color! Today only (Wednesday, January 7): Use the sale code COLORTHENEWYEAR for 20% off all things Artsyville. Next week, a big change will be coming to the shop! Wishing you a happy, healthy, colorful 2015!