Thursday, June 4, 2015

drop in the bucket

Hi everyone! I'm kicking off this Color Blast with a freebie Artsyville bucket list printable for summertime! (I say this through chattering teeth in the damp & chilly Northeast, wearing a sweater & jeans, drinking coffee out of my grumpy mug, wishing fervently for warmer days.) 

Go here to get the printable, grab a stack of brightly colored 8.5"x11" paper or cardstock, and print away! And if you get really ambitious & fill it up -- you can always print more! 

Tip 1: For papers in happy colors, here are my favorites: Astrobrights (available in most office supply stores), the 50-sheet cardstock packs at Michaels (they come in arrays of gorgeous colors!), and (for a big splurge!) French Paper. I will also issue an Enabling Alert here, as once you start buying colorful papers it is nearly impossible to stop. 

Tip 2: Printers all behave differently, so when printing, make sure to check the option that scales the document to fit. That way the printable won't get cut off on the edges. 

Back very soon with a roundup of my favorite creative summertime challenges! 

Wishing you a colorful day,
♥ Aimee