Monday, March 12, 2018

RAK Packs, Rainbows, Tiny Compliments & a Kindness Sale!

Hello, creative friends...just stopping by to share some some happy new goodies in the shop and a quickie sale!

A few weeks ago I started sketching out little compliments to give to friends, and boom! they quickly grew into a new tile collection. Sometimes my favorite pieces come from hopping on the creative magic carpet and seeing where it goes...

The same thing happened from a tiny doodle that suddenly turned into a set of colorful rainbows. 🌈

The newest addition that I'm most excited about: Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) Packs! These were inspired by two friends who are always leaving happy things in public for others to find. 

Each RAK Pack is stuffed with a bright jumble of over 50 pieces of Artsyville love (Permission Tickets, Happy Heart Mini Tiles, Rainbow Mini Tiles, You Are Awesome Mini Tiles, and other colorful pieces) that you can use to put a boost into someone else's day. I've been scattering these colorful bits in public places around North Jersey and New York City in between Nor'easters. I enjoy doing this because it allows me to be kind and a bit subversive at the same time. 😀

And now, a quickie sale! 

Use the coupon code KINDNESS on the Etsy checkout page to take 20% off the new tiles, RAK Packs and everything else in the shop. One day only, March 12! (If you happen to be browsing this the night of March 11, you might find that I've activated the coupon code a bit early... wink wink!) 

One last thing -- the new coffee, creativity and springtime mini tiles are nearly at the finish line! They will be in the shop later this month, provided I don't go chasing other creative larks in the meantime. Thank you to all who have sent me fantastic suggestions for new mini tile collection themes! I am obsessed with making these itty bitty pieces of art, & have so many sketches in progress that I need a Mini Tile Manager to keep me from starting any more until I finish the ones I'm working on.

That's it from the Art Pit for now...

Wishing you a colorful and creative day,