welcome to artsyville!

Hi and welcome to Artsyville! I'm Aimee. A little bit about me and how this got started: I've loved color, words, writing, hand lettering and doodling for as long as I can remember, but for much of my life I kept those things in separate jars. Then one day, I thought "Hmmm. What if...?" I tossed everything in a bowl, put the mixer on high, and I found that I liked living in my chaos of wordy color. So I stayed, and named it Artsyville. It's my work, play and therapy all in one.

Lots of things inspire me: my husband and two girls, traveling near and far, whims, a bottle of wine, color, old houses, villages, alley art, impending thunderstorms, and strange things as well as the mundane. The world and all of its big events fascinates me plenty, but when it comes to my drawings I'm more likely to focus on the bananas I left on the roof of my car or some ruckus occurring at a subway turnstile. I'm a small-moment documenter.

I'm also a nomad. After years of moving all around the US and relentlessly traveling everywhere else, life unexpectedly spirited me away to the quirky college town of Lawrence, Kansas, a creative haven in the nation's midsection, which calmed my restless spirit for nearly five marvelous years. It was a "live as you wish" kind of city, a place where I could finally breathe and not feel judged by my surroundings. I found my groove there, started making things again, met amazing people, and learned how to capture the life occurring both around me and within me. I also began this blog, mainly as a dumping ground for the creative overflow, and was welcomed by an online creative community that I never knew existed. Being surrounded both physically and virtually by such colorful and creative energy opened an entire new world to me. 

Then adventure called again last fall, taking us all this time to a charming little village within chomping distance of New York City. I've spent the greater part of this year recovering from relocation shellshock, getting lost, hiding, navigating the befuddling U-turns of the Northeast, riding mass transit (I really love doing that), exploring NYC as much as humanly possible, and exploiting it all with my camera and pen.

This is probably more than you wanted to know. That's why it's on a separate page so you don't have to look at it every time you come here ;)

I hope you enjoy your time in Artsyville and come back often. A town of one is no fun! Stay and play as long as you like. Thanks for stopping by.