Mini Thank You Tag Printable

These are my go-to tags for thank you cards! They are simple, colorful, and bright. I toss them into orders, tie them to gift bags, put inside envelopes to return to teachers, etc. -- and now you can, too.

Artsyville Mini Thank You Card Printable

Artsyville Mini Thank You Tag PrintableYou can either print your mini thank you tags on white paper and color them in, or you can print them on colorful paper, as I've done here. I really love the look of plain black ink against a bold, bright background. I recommend thicker paper (65# cardstock) for this one, if your printer can handle it. If not, regular printer paper will work just fine!

To get your printable: click on the image above. You can either 1) print directly from the screen by choosing the printer icon below the image, or 2) download the image to your computer first by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right corner. (You do not need a Dropbox account to download the printable.)

Mini Thank You Tags Printable © Artsyville. Please do not alter or reproduce for any commercial use. For personal use only.