Squiggle Coloring Page

Today's distraction: color in the squiggle lines! Sometimes I just like to draw a line with no real purpose, let it go where it wants, and then color in the spaces left behind on the trail. This is one of my favorite meditative exercises because it's somehow mindful and mindless at the same time, and I feel the illusion of bringing order to chaos. It looks a bit like stained glass when it is finished.

Artsyville Squiggle Stained Glass Coloring Page Printable

Artsyville Squiggle Coloring PageWhen you're done with this one, you can easily create your own squiggle pages. Take a Sharpie to a blank page and draw overlapping shapes in one continuous line, then let your mind wander while you color in the blanks. Bonus challenge: don't let the same colors touch!

To use: click on the image above. You can either 1) print directly from the screen by choosing the printer icon below the image, or 2) download the image to your computer first by clicking on the down arrow in the upper right corner. (You do not need a Dropbox account to download the printable.)

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