Thumb Books

Artsyville - Thumb Books

I have been making Thumb Books (so-called because they aren't much bigger than one) since the beginning of Artsyville time! I go through reams of colorful paper here, and there are scraps. So many scraps. Crates and crates of them. I could recycle the leftovers, sure, but it's more fun to make stuff out of them, and my hands-down favorites are Thumb Books: notebooks that invite all sorts of possibilities and charm me with their petite size.

Artsyville - Thumb Books

To make your own Thumb Books, cut pieces of white printer paper measuring 1" x 2" with a paper trimmer. If you want to use colorful paper (nudge), you can get reams of 500 sheets in assorted colors for about $15 (though at that quantity, you will be making Thumb Books until the year 3000). 

Layer five pieces together, fold over, crease, and staple in the center of the fold. Boom! You have a charming, tiny square book with 20 pages. Put a little sticker on the cover for some extra zip. 

Obviously, you can make these books any size, but going any bigger seriously interferes with the cuteness factor that comes from the staple/paper size ratio, and why would you want to do that?

Artsyville - Thumb Books

Beyond their charm, what I enjoy most about this project is that it takes a lonely pile of seemingly useless scraps & brings them into something utilitarian, full of creative possibility, in less than a minute. I toss Thumb Books in orders, leave them in random places, write tiny poems and grocery lists, brainstorm ideas in them, and honestly, just make them to make them. 

If you have a fixation with tiny books like I do, check out The Creativity Caravan's Tiny Book Show and the hundreds of tiny How-To books they have collected from people around the world. It's fascinating to see how much creativity can be unleashed in such a small space. Bigger is clearly not always better. Yay tiny!