Welcome to Buttonville

Artsyville - Goddess of the Garden Button

New to the ville: buttons! The only shocking thing about this piece of news is that it took so very long to get buttons here in the first place. I was a mega button collector when I was a kid, and never let go of my love for them. They are small, colorful, fun to collect, fun to give, and they aren't wallet eaters. Buttons are the ultimate.

Now that my love for buttons has been established, let's talk about what I am making here: Goddess Buttons. These were inspired by a good friend who needed to dress up for a goddess party. Would she dress up as a goddess of grammar? Punctuation? There were so many options. We tossed ideas back and forth for a good while, and then I became obsessed, day and night, with creating a goddess-sized list of ideas. Other pals then chimed in and made the list even longer (because we are all goddesses of so very many things), and I knew I had to do something with it. Mugs were my first thought. "Please. Make. Mugs." said my goddess party friend, but much as I love mugs, they are bulky and heavy and breakable and unfun to ship, so I needed an alternative. Buttons were the obvious choice.

It made perfect sense to start with Goddess of Colorful Words, since so many of them slip naturally into my daily vocabulary. This was followed by Goddess of the Garden (wishful thinking for spring) and Goddess of the Yoga Mat. They are 2.25" round -- the standard button size that will take us all back to 80s souvenir shop days. 

Artsyville - Goddess of Colorful Words Button

Artsyville - Goddess of the Yoga Mat

Since I also love little things, I had to do some tiny ones, too. 1.25" round. Cute buttons! The tiny artists are for smocks of all ages...

Artsyville - Cute Artist Button

And the tiny rainbows are for scattering color and love everywhere!

Artsyville - Cute Rainbow Love Button

That's the color jam from Artsyville for today. Back soon with more!