The Ville is Back!

Hi, creative friends -- welcome to the brand new shop, art, heart, soul and home of Artsyville! I have missed being here. It feels dynamite to stretch out in the new digs and splatter color all over the digital walls. It is not perfect, and it is not complete. But since that is why I created Artsyville in the first place -- as a place to play, explore, experiment, and fall on my creative face once in a while -- I'm hitting the GO button right now and jumping back into my world of wordy & wonky color. It will take a while to build back up the momentum, and build it up I will: one post, one card, one tote bag at a time!

To the many kind people who reached out in my absence, wondering when the devil I'd be back, thank you for staying in touch & helping keep the lights on for me. For newcomers to the ville, wondering what this place is all about, I hope you'll hang around and find out. 

So here we are! Let's start the fun.