Artsyville Zoom Backgrounds

Since many of us have found ourselves suddenly in Zoom offices and classrooms with either dirty dishes or fake swaying palm trees in the background, I decided to create some of my own and share them so you can add some zip to your own Zoom!

Celebrate Together

On Stage

Artsyville Rainbow Zoom Background

Rainbow Love

Artsyville Heart Zoom Background

Happy Hearts - White

Artsyville Heart Zoom Background

Happy Hearts - Blue

To use: click on the background, then click on the down arrow in the upper right corner to download from Dropbox (you do not need an account to download).

From your Zoom desktop app, 1) go to the Settings gear in the upper right, 2) choose Virtual Background from the menu on the left, and 3) click on the + icon. This will allow you to upload the image and then appear in technicolor to everyone in your virtual schoolroom or office. 

These are specifically sized for Zoom, but most likely you can use them for regular desktop wallpaper as well. I will add more as time wears on! Check back!

Zoom background designs © Artsyville. Please do not alter or reproduce for any commercial use. For personal use only.