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Mix #2 Permission Tickets

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Help yourself to some carnival tickets -- Artsyville style! Instead of gaining admission to a rowdy street fair, however, these will give you a pass to something you really need in that moment. There are enough in each pack to share the love, so be sure to spread the karma around by leaving one on a cafe table, sticking one in a lunch box, putting a few in a greeting card, or handing some over to a friend in need. These tickets are reusable, transferable, and have no expiration date.

Each pack includes two each of the following Permission Tickets (colors vary):

Admit one:
1) to a bold proclamation
2) to some fun in the sun
3) to some good-natured mischief
4) to a celebration (no reason needed)
5) to a double dose of chocolate
6) to a hearty laugh
7) to a mind-clearing minute
8) to a well-deserved nap
9) to a marvelous Monday
10) to a top-notch Tuesday
11) to a wild Wednesday
12) to a therapeutic Thursday
13) to a fabulous Friday
14) to a spectacular Saturday
15) to a splendid Sunday
16) to a guilt-free time
17) to another try
18) back in the game
19) to a safe spot
20) to a day off
21) to the finish line
22) out of the mental gutter
23) to wholehearted self-acceptance
24) to an eyeroll at the universe
25) to breakfast in bed

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