Mega Mix-Up Stack Pack #1 (200 cards)
Mega Mix-Up Stack Pack #1 (200 cards)

Mega Mix-Up Stack Pack #1 (200 cards)

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Hey, paper lovers: I cleaned out the Artsyville studio and unearthed the remainder of the stack packs! I have bundled the last of these Artsyville favorites into mega packs of 200 mini cards and marked them down 80% off. You won't have to buy gift tags for a long, long time. :)

Pack #1 includes 20 each of the following 10 designs (200 cards total):

Christmas Tree & Ornament, Paper Airplane, Hi, Birthday Cake, Cupcake, Open Book, All Wrapped Up (gift), Wave, Sunburst, Artist Easel

(a few of these designs aren't pictured here, but trust me: they are cute! :) 
Keep a Stack Pack handy and you'll never have to scramble for a way to get your message across! These flexible little cards are ideal for bookmarks, gift tags, place cards, thank yous, enclosures, bulletin board reminders, excuse notes, lunch box hellos, memos, calling cards, public messages, or however you need to express yourself.  At 2.25" x 3.75" (about the size of a business card), they're big enough to say something, but not big enough that you have to worry about having to say too much. These notes will help you keep it short and sweet.
Stack pack cards are flat (not foldovers), blank on the reverse, printed on a hearty, colorful cardstock in assorted bright colors, and rounded on the corners. No envelope needed. Just punch a hole in the top & tie it with twine, secure it to the destination item with a bit of washi tape, stick a thumb tack in it, or just let it stand on its own. 

Stack Packs © Artsyville. All rights reserved.

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