Artsyville - Happy Hearts Mini Squares (sweethearts)
Artsyville - Happy Hearts Mini Squares (sweethearts)

Happy Hearts Tiny Cards (Sweetheart Colors)

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Little cards with big hearts! These Artsyville favorites are amazingly versatile little cards. Each 1.5" square features a different heart design, illustrated simply and colorfully, to use however you wish.

A few ideas on how to use your little pieces of love:

string them on twine with tiny clothespins to make a banner
put a bunch in a colorful candy dish
give one to your valentine
put one on a tiny easel
leave them in public places as random acts of kindness
use as a bookmark
decorate your planner or art journal
write a lunchbox message on the flipside
give one to a friend who could use a little love
put a few inside a greeting card
punch a hole & make a gift tag
write a tiny poem or quote on the back
or however you wish to share the love!

Set includes 35 cards printed on heavy duty cardstock with a satin finish. 

Happy Hearts Tiny Cards © Artsyville. All rights reserved.  

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