Artsyville Press On
Hello friends,
Greetings from the upside down that we have all suddenly found ourselves living in! One of my go-to coping mechanisms for stressful times is create and to share, so I am posting coloring pages & other creative nudges for those in need of an arty break from everything that is going on. I know this doesn't carry nearly the same weight as serving on the front lines or directly assisting the amazing people who are. But if it helps anyone sequestered at home to feel creative and productive for even a moment, then to me it's worth the effort. Plus, it gives me something positive to do while I’m wandering around panic snacking at 3 a.m. & in between chasing around our adorable new rescue pup! Find me on Instagram and  Facebook for updates on new printables & daily distractions. 
Also, a hearty thank you to all of you who have shopped in Artsyville this past month. I appreciate your support of my small business more than anything!

Wishing you all strength and good health,