Artsyville - Creative Mix Permission Tickets
Artsyville - Creative Permission Tickets

Creative Mix Permission Tickets

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Help yourself to some carnival tickets -- Artsyville style! Instead of gaining admission to a rowdy street fair, however, these will give you a pass to something you really need, right that moment. There are enough in each pack to share the love, so be sure to spread the karma around by leaving one on a cafe table, sticking one in a lunch box, putting a few in a greeting card, or handing some over to a friend in need. These tickets are reusable, transferable, and have no expiration date.

This set of permission tickets will help you get your creativity on! (Not that creatives even need permission to get moving, of course, but these work as nice little nudges.)

Each pack includes two of the following Permission Tickets (colors vary):

Admit one:
1) to a painting frenzy
2) directly to the craft table
3) to some cut and past therapy
4) to the land of imagination
5) to a blank canvas
6) to a fresh palette
7) to a creative whirlwind
8) to a pen and a page
9) to an art party
10) to a stash of yarn
11) to a creative awakening
12) to a meeting with the muse
13) out of bounds
14) to all the possibilities
15) to the mess of the process
16) to a chunk of clay
17) to a photography quest
18) to the idea factory
19) to some fun with fabric
20) to a poetic interpretation
21) beyond the comfort zone
22) to a "what if...?"
23) to the first draft
24) to a kaleidoscope of color
25) to a quick sketch

Creative Mix Permission Tickets 
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