Mini Card Monster Pack (200 cards)

Mini Card Monster Pack (200 cards)

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I've sorted my minis into monster sized packs of 200 cards, at more than 70% off the original pack price! Each card features a word, phrase, or picture -- illustrated simply and colorfully -- for you to use as a writing prompt, morning meditation, daily reminder, memory jogger, creative firestarter, snail mail stuffer, bookmark, lunch box note, or whatever else comes to your clever mind. 

Mini cards measure 1.25" square and are printed on ultrathick cardstock. Each pack includes a colorful jumble of 200 cards from some (possibly all) of my mini card themes: motivation, travel & adventure, coffee love, rainbow love, happy hearts, self-care, hello spring, creativity, and word mixes. Even though they're random picks, I've done my very best to minimize duplicates.

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