Pocket Print Pack of 25 - Mix-Up Assortment

Pocket Print Pack of 25 - Mix-Up Assortment

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It's time to clear out every last Artsyville pocket print, so don't miss out on your last opportunity to stock up! I love these pieces TO pieces, but I'm ready to create new goods, so I've bundled them up & marked them down over 85% off to hasten their journey out the door and into the world.

The Mix-Up pack contains a variety of 25 pocket prints -- all colorful Artsyville favorites! The assortments may vary slightly from pack to pack, but for the most part, you'll get one of nearly every pocket print style (and in some packs there might be a dupe or two of a best seller).

Some of the Pocket Prints you might find in your pack include:

Make Time for Your Art
Fresh New Day
Focus Focus Focus
One Marvelous Mama
Teach What You Love
Fill Up Your Cup With Love and Kindness
Celebrate (No Reason Needed)
Ideas Create Ideas
Press On
Your Time to Fly
Return to Your Natural Settings
A Place for All
I am Not OK
Don't Skimp on the Spice
Last Minute is my Motto
Think Freely
Create (Don't Wait)
Paint Your Day
Make Time for Your Writing
The Early Bird Gets the Donut
Wild World of Wonders
Don't Conform to the Norm
Step Lively
Nurture What is in Your Nature
It's a Lucky Day

This is a fantastic deal for sharing AND keeping some Artsyville love for yourself!

(Please note: these pocket prints are not individually packaged for retail resale. They will arrive all packaged together.)

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